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I grew up in church holding tight to the Word of God proclaiming His Truth to be my truth all the while wrestling. I wrestled with my identity scribed in His pages up against the constant images bombarding me that reminded me that I would never be or have enough. I wrestled not to conform to a culture that demanded I follow other things, and judged my success upon those very things. I wrestled with my lack of fruit with my spouse and children though I knew the scriptures stated it was mine to possess. I wrestled with the guilt of motherhood and regret of not being further along in life than I was and with relationships that seem to be toxic or even missing. Are you wrestling?

When the pain of my wrestling became too much, I became a seeker of MORE! Exhausted, I decided to pursue a better way of life. I wanted a life that emulated what was promised in scripture….identity, peace, joy, love, hope, self control. I wanted to bear fruit as my evidence. He did say, You will know they are mine by their fruit. Our fruit matters! For almost seven years, I visited healing centers, conferences, silent retreats, prayer ministries, counseling seminars, endless books, therapy tools and ultimately began my masters in Christian Counseling. I long to have my own retreat center I call The Garden where I can bring together all that served me most integrated with the secrets the Lord has entrusted me, and offer many women a place to come and meet Jesus and heal. Understanding that we don’t all have the time and resources to go on such a journey, I start with this ECOURSE that allows you a step into a new life. This will be the introduction course and the first of a series of courses that will seek to help you with Spiritual Growth and Direction, Freedom and Healing, and Living on Mission. Are you ready for MORE?


The course outline:

  • Week One: Moments and Processes

  • Week Two: Gaining Access

  • Week Three: Unlocking our FOO

  • Week Four: Taming Triggers

  • Week Five: Claiming Rights

  • Week Six: Renewing Identity

  • Week Seven: Cultivating Rhythms

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