Free to Fly!

Do you long to see your life or marriage radically transformed? There is hope! The first step to freedom is realizing we may not be free. Rochelle will teach you how to tend to the wounded soul, remove hinderances to intimacy with the Father, and awaken to deeper spiritual practices. Are their patterns that shape your life? Are you tapped into survival mode? Are your relationships less than vibrant?  {Freedom series coming March 11th.}

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The Kingdom


Rochelle has a heart to awaken new voices be it a school teacher, a nurse, a home schooling mom, a pharmaceutical rep, a Sunday School teacher, a Women's Ministry Leader, or a Bible Teacher. She longs to see women awaken to divine purpose right where they are! She believes our focus should be more on 'who' we are becoming rather than 'what' we are doing, because when we step into our true identity, God can begin to use us everywhere not simply in our "sweet spot." What happens if you decide that God could birth ministry through you exactly where you are? The atmospheres of schools, homes, the marketplace, businesses, and communities would begin to carry a Heavenly Aroma!

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Coming Soon! Speaker Training Videos & Teaching with Rochelle!

The enemy of your soul is notorious for taking what is godly and twisting it, perverting it, or abusing it so that you don’t touch the very thing that will awaken you, free you, align you, and release you into your inheritance. Be led by the Spirit rather than fear. Seek Truth from His Word rather than what is palatable. Live from the impossible rather than what is comfortable! It is in losing your life that you find it!
— Rochelle Frazier Foster