Love Your Life: Live Free Course Coming Soon

You are divinely wired to be heavenly minded. You may be bent by culture to worry, to perform, to compare, to wrestle with insecurity or fear, but your divine DNA says differently. Your divine wiring says you are a meaningful player in this life here on earth. Your divine wiring is like a magnet drawing you toward something more even though some of you can’t name it. The pull sometimes is overwhelming, and if you can’t see it you will miss it and begin to fill your life with things, titles and people that can never measure up to the longing. Ultimately you end up disappointed or heart broken or perhaps even hopeless.

But there is hope….

I can’t wait to share with you my strategy to have a life you love! This course will teach you how to :

  • Break patters from your Family of Origin.

  • Identify your cycles that steal your peace, communication and intimacy in marriage.

  • Tame your toxic thoughts and anchor in Truth.

  • Understand spiritual assignments on your life and your authority to break them.

  • Understand the importance of addressing body, soul and spirit in the healing journey{1 Thess 5:23}

  • Implementing Soul Care and spiritual practices that will keep you free!

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