I was lost in an American Gospel that left not even a remnant of Jesus! My life was full, but my soul was empty. Because I was raised in church, I never looked up though the hunger grew uncontrollably. I looked to my career, my home, my handbag, my social status to fill something I couldn't name but they only intensified the hunger. I had the "God card" checked in every way, yet missed Him completely.

Believing I had it all together, I prayed for the "lost" assuming they were the poor and broken and marginalized only to find that you can be comfortably sitting in the walls of what we today call church, and still be lost.

Perhaps you too might want to venture past Jeremiah 29:11 to verses 13 and 14. And when you find Him, He will bring you back from captivity. I was a captive!

This realization only came when my perfectly designed life finally broke into a million little pieces. I learned that sometimes only deep in a pit, do you every truly find Him. I learned that the building was never meant to be the church, I was. You are too.  After 31 years in church, I began to grasp that Beloved is not a word you read or claim but know deeply in your soul to be your reality! And a 7th grade crush gone bad or an absent father or broken marriage can't take from you the truth that you are dearly, deeply and fiercely loved. We are drawn to love and long to be loved not because we are weak or needy, but rather because we are divinely woven to be restless without it.

Tragically, I believe that we have a nation full of "claiming believers" that have a similar story to mine. The "God card" is checked, and their lives are busy and full, but deep down they long for something MORE! I believe we are on the verge of a revival of love. The hearts of women will be made whole. A holy passion for His presence imparted. And the voices of the masses sharing the love of a good good father unleashed to heal nations! I believe this is that For Such A Time As This that modern day Esthers are RELEASED, so don't miss this opportunity to align to your divine destiny!

 I am blessed today with the most amazing blended family! God does redeem and restore and my life is a testament to His goodness and GRACE. My husband, Todd, and I have five children. {Dailey Joy, Jadyn, Holland Rose, Houston & Jackson}Their godmother calls them a “precious mess,” and I couldn’t have said it better myself! I have a precious mess, indeed!! Todd and I felt led to plant a church in my hometown in Mississippi in August of 2015 called The Well, and it has a taken us on quite a journey! We have seen the hand of God show up in a big way, and I have learned that sometimes you have to position yourself impossible situations to birth the impossible. I have to admit that I was not prepared for what launching a church took. I have been the floor scrubber, painter,  accountant, copier, cleaner, children's director, event planner, coffee tender, greeter, women's director, and decorator. Oh, and teacher and Pastor's Wife! I have poured out my life for the past three years to get us up and running, and as much as I love this house and our people, I am coming undone with anticipation getting ready for this new season of meeting you here. From years serving, I have gone deep into the well of my soul, and there is much to pour out!

And when you seek with your whole heart, I will be found.
— Jeremiah 29:13
The Old City Wall, Jerusalem

The Old City Wall, Jerusalem


Yes, I have a “Crazy Love” that I pray is infectious, and I am passionate about sharing it with women like me who are seeking to find a breath of peace amidst the storms of life….seeking to abide in His presence when everything else calls for your attention….longing for a love that overrides it all, and ushers you into His wings where you find restoration for your soul.  Taste and see that the Lord is good!!! 

Yes, sweet friends, there is MORE, and the MORE is HIM!

I am just grateful that my life, though far from perfect, has brought me to a place where I can meet with you and share my heart and His, and hopefully move even one closer to the Kingdom! I believe our lives leak, and we need need to be intentional about what we are leaking. You can leak a broken story and heart and all that it entails, or you can choose to leak a heavenly aroma, but that comes from one who has encountered the King.

Will you join me on this pursuit to the heart of our KING? Will you find a place where you can say....I LOVE MY LIFE rather than I'm busy and tired and weary!!! It is when you lose your life that you find it, so let's get lost together and find the life that leaks His Love.