Don't Let Your Flame Die and Miss Him!

Hello Sweet Friends, I am sorry that I have been so absent, but we have been under a little construction here for the past week. We come back to you with reinforcements that you will find below......and a praise for a fasting request answered:) Yeah!

I do hate that I disrupted such intense conversation last week, and I would be remissed if I didn’t complete my thoughts here on this subject of a believer. I was leading a women’s event this weekend, and I was sharing the parable of the bridesmaids found in Matthew 25. A story I want to share with you, as well. Jesus was teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven, and here he refers to it like ten bridesmaids that went out into the field to wait on their bridegroom. They all brought with them lights or lanterns. It says that five were wise and five were foolish. The wise women brought with them extra oil in case they waited longer than expected, assuring they would not miss their bridegroom. Five, however, brought no extra light thinking they had enough or they would borrow, if needed. He was a long time coming and the maids fall asleep as they wait. Then someone says that He is coming, and they rise from sleep to meet Him. However, the ones with no extra oil have lost their light and must leave to get more oil. While they are gone, He comes and He invites in the maids waiting and shuts the door. When they return, the door to the wedding banquet is closed.  They miss Him!

The interesting thing it doesn’t say that five were not believers that missed Him. They must have all believed to be waiting on His return, but yet the ones who lost light missed Him.  I hope you will sit with this verse and see the importance of keeping your flame for Him lit. Let nothing diminish your light, because we can not afford to miss Him.


We have been in transition with our site, and it was far more complicated than expected, so I do apologize. In all of this transition, I realized that my email has been down for almost three months. I apologize if you have missed us, but I am so glad to say that we are back in business! Yeah! I also must add that one of my fasting request was for help with this ministry along with our amazing board that surrounds us with prayer and support and makes such precious jewelry to sell at our events, and I claim victory here, because I now have several precious women helping us too.

If you need prayer, please begin emailing, so that our prayer team can start covering you in prayer. Prayer is powerful! If you are interested in our Mother/Daughter club or events, please contact If you are having trouble reaching me, and you have an urgent request, please contact Shanna, as well. (Sometimes I check out when I'm writing:) If you need information about Deuteronomy 6, please contact Denise at Yes, we have a new site in process where we will have tons of resources for women in all stages of life that seek to fulfill their calling of loving God with all of their being, and teaching His ways to their children and others. coming soon!!!

Please share with your friends, sweet friends, because we have started a wildfire! One light on dry ground is all you need;)

Thank you for lifting me!

Blessings, Ro