Don't Miss This Blessing:)

Good morning sweet friends, I know the past few post have been a little hard for some to digest. It is hard to look at our lives honestly and say, Am I truly living as He is calling me to? Am I ready and waiting with my oil full, assured not to miss Him? Am I the few, the chosen? Have I found the narrow road that leads to Him? Sweet friends, my intent is not to put fear or to condemn - neither are of God- but to put a seed of the truth in you. The truth sets us free, but if we do not know the truth then how could we ever be free? Once we see that our time here is but a vapor, but has tremendous impact on how we live out eternity, we can then start more easily losing things of this world  to find Him.

I do want you to know that in my journey of searching these past seven years that the one thing that I am assured of most is that He is love! A God of love that wants to be found and loved more than we can possibly fathom or even desire to love back. Saturday night, I stayed with a dear girlfriend on the Mississippi Coast that has a ministry called Gulfcoast Blessings. I went to church with Carrie on Sunday, and the visiting pastor that spoke gave a beautiful picture of God as Our Father desperately calling us to Him. I have to share this with you, because I believe we often miss this picture of God as our Father, and he did a beautiful portrayal of the love of a father, Our Father. Of course, he shared the story of the prodigal son, but it was a different version that I have ever really soaked in. He shared the story from the father's point of view. If you have children and you have ever lost a child, even in a shopping mall much less really lost them, you know the panic and grief and terror that strikes immediately. You know the feeling of running frantically with your heart in your stomach calling out there name.(Yes, I lost the twins once in Dillards. They were hiding in the middle of a clothes rack.... thinking it was a game. Little did they know, I needed a year of therapy for that little incident:) Do you know this panic? Do you know this feeling of losing a child?

He related this feeling that we have had to a child missing to how this father must have felt in this story. The father surely prayed every single day to bring his son home. He probably watched the fields every single day waiting and praying that the son would return. And when He finally saw him, it was not about what the son had done wrong, but rather it was an answered prayer of a desperate father wanting nothing more than to have all of his children home.  He ran to him, grabbed him up in his arms and then threw a feast in his honor! The pastor said this is how God must feel when he loses even one of us. Being the perfect Father, I can imagine the grief even ten times more. He stands at the door waiting....waiting and watching and praying. Come Home!It's Me that you are missing! I am what your heart desires, will you just turn to ME?

Sweet friends, He does not want even one to miss Him. He doesn't want even one to go astray that is why He teaches of the lost sheep that he leaves the others to find, and why He throws a feast upon the return home of the lost son. Sometimes we feel as if we have done too much, or wandered too far off, or we have succumb to the enemies lies that we are not worthy. Our Heavenly Father says "Come Home!"

Before I left Sunday, Carrie took me to the home of Blessings which started in her living room and now has over hundred women in their very own building.  Women from all denominations come together to study the Word of God. They study, they pray, they serve, they love on their community, and they are fully living out their calling to be the light standing in the field with lanterns lit waiting. I thought yesterday as I returned home, doesn't every town need a Blessings?

Maybe God is calling you to start a Bible study in your home, and maybe He needed you to see that even you can be a blessing, even you can have your dream birthed to something that leads hundreds of women to Christ.

I know we posted on Facebook the other day.....He does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called. I can surely say "Amen" to that:)

Seek. Love.Follow.

In His Wings, Ro