Love Me

Good morning sweet friends, While I realize that this is a month to speak of love, I find it quite interesting how in-line the Word is being spoken these past few days. Even a few years back, I would have never made notice of such consistency, but now I see clearly when He is speaking loudly a message that needs to be heard.  Last weekend, my girlfriend in ministry and I got lost in the scripture and this thought of His perfect love. It was just pulling at us both how this perfect love that cast out fear is made complete in us as we love others. This thought has remained circling my mind since our conversation over a week ago. Perfect love! Our heartbeat as we communed was about love not being an emotion, but a choice. We choose to love! And as we choose this love, His love is made complete in us. (Love this:)))


So we choose to love the hard to love.....we choose to love those that have hurt us or abandoned us.....we choose to show and teach love to those who share our lives. We choose to love someone for good or bad til death do us part. It is a choice, not merely an emotion that we so freely attach to blue bell homemade ice cream, chocolate, the beach, our new figure, our favorite accessory etc.... I  shared this thought of perfect love on Friday in my message, "The Revelation," and then I sat Sunday listening to a sermon that spoke, of course, on perfect love. Not only perfect love, but how perfect love is a choice not an emotion. Confirmation:) Then Rick Warren's message on his blog Sunday was........ perfect love cast out fear. This doesn't include the number of emails or pictures of "things" that have crossed my desk or computer screen all is not fear! Even my daily devotional from Experiencing God yesterday spoke of releasing fear to allow love to guide. Interesting?


Do you think God is speaking to us? This is when my eleven year old would interject with a duh???? or Seriously???? Absolutely the message is clear that God is wanting us to understand and seek His love. A love that is perfect and without fear. A love that is made perfect in us as we choose to love others.


I was at the post office just the other day, and two of the most precious little girls were following their mother out. They had picked wild flowers from the bush upon their exit, and they were taking their precious little time to pick off the petals. Her back was to them, so she missed what I was seeing. They were certainly too young to be questioning, "He loves me, He loves me not?" But it looked as if it were their thoughts as they slowly picked the petals. I thought to myself, how precious, but then the words from their mother came harsh, "Hurry up!" And she preceded to grab their arms and drag them with her. My heart sank that the mother had missed such a precious moment of innocence and delight that the little girls found in the simple wild flowers, and it sank deeper as I saw their sweet little expressions fade to align with the disappointment of their mother with them. And even more, because I knew at moments I had been the one barking orders, "Hurry up!" I wondered how many times I had interrupted God whispering to my children, because I had  missed it, and how many times I had turned their joy to disappointment? Hmmmm.....

Showing love isn't easy as it sounds is it? The intent may be from such a good heart, but how quickly business and schedules and over schedules can take us from a place of loving others to a place of falling very short of demonstrating love, even stealing it as we race through our lives?


They say it is easy to love those that love you, but a true test of love is to love those that are difficult to love, but what saddens my heart is that even those that are so easy to love often don't see love in us. We hear of the tragedy of Connecticut, and recall all of the families that spent Christmas without their babies and all of the first responders that probably still can't sleep at night because they can't escape what they saw that day. For a moment ,we show love to all near us. We cling to them, but as quick as the moment comes, we often let it pass from us back to the quick busy schedules leaving no space to just let love rule.... words of Lenny Kravits:)


Sweet friends, He is speaking ever so clearly to my heart that it is all about love. These busy crazy lives that we have created are completely insignificant to Him. Our striving to have more and do more and succeed more matters so very little in His plan. He says, I will give you rest and restore your soul, and my burden is light. But so many of us feel far from rested and restored, and the burdens weigh us down daily. Perhaps because we are far from His design for us to love and be loved and be love.  He is saying....

Return to love. Return to my love. What I designed was love! What I give is love. What I ask is love. What you need is love. What they need is love. What this world needs is love. Believe that I am love. Trust that I am love. Walk in my love. Abide in my love. Love from my love. The greatest of these is love!

Will you choose love?

Seek. Love. Follow. In His Wings, Ro