Living from a Love Thy Neighbor Heart

Hello sweet friends, It seems I am in a season of many questions.........many big decisions await my words directing to , "Go, now, wait, take, keep, have." A season I have had to step back and wait on the whispers.....waiting. My heart is committed to making this a year of not taking the slightest step without His confirmation...... I would say a number of past mistakes have put me in this place of genuine desire to be in His will. However, these past few days, He has been doing something new in me, and I thought this may speak to you, as well.

I went to this little chapel Monday that I love to retreat and pray.(Not the one above, but this is my dream spot for my prayer room day:) Most days, I sit alone with an occasional visitor in or out during my stay. However, Monday was a little different. I have been practicing stillness as I wait on the whisper.....oh, how I need that whisper! I have sought to exchange my laundry list of needs to just sit with Him, and let Him guide the decisions that I need not remind Him I seek answers for. He knows my heart. I am reminded often.....Be still and know that I am God! So I sit in stillness waiting.....when a woman touched me and asked if I would pray for her. She proceeds to pour out her heart to me. A heart broken, misled, lonely, and on the verge of hopeless. She is not from our country and has no family here, and she was just praying for God to make her troubled life easier. You could see in her eyes her life had been so hard, and it was evident that this prayer was one she had prayed often. For this moment, I felt God unveiled me to her heart allowing  me to see with His eyes of compassion how truly great her need for His peace was. My heart hurt for hers. As she left, I ceased all of my intentions and prayed only for this woman with a simple name yet so beautifully spoken with her accent. I hit my knees and even pressed my head to the old wooden floor......praying! God bring her relief!


My encounter Monday was followed by a few others the following day. My heart became so full of compassion as I saw women whose needs far exceeded mine. One experienced a great tragedy that almost took her child from her......I can't even imagine.  Another praying desperately for God to bless her with a child that she desperately wants but hasn't experienced......I can't even imagine.  Though my needs seem so great, how quickly they became so small in the midst of all of these hearts pouring out before me.

I thought as I sat in bed last night of the story of the bleeding woman who was healed by the coat of Jesus (Mark 5.) I don't know if you recall the events surrounding this miracle, but Jesus was actually intending to lay hands upon a dying young girl when he was stopped by this woman in a crowd. As He speaks with this woman who is healed by her faith from a lifelong bleeding disorder, He is informed that the child has passed and they have no use for Him now. He says, Believe:) Ha! Love that! And of course, He proceeds to the home and instead of healing the young girl, He now raises her from the dead. One miracle led to the need for one even greater, but both saw answers to prayers of desperation.

I was thinking as I pondered this story of how amazing it would be if we could all lay our prayers at His feet and say,

 "Father, you see all of our hearts. You know who needs the answer most or first, and we trust that if you don't come quickly that you will come. I surrender my needs for that mother that needed you MOST last night. I surrender my needs for that precious fragile little woman who was so full of sorrow and heartache, and needed you MOST on Monday. I surrender my needs for the one who still waits with hope to be a mother. I believe that at my time, you will come, and I wait with great expectation of that day, and I praise you for all the miracles you perform on your way to me! Amen"

I wonder if we could truly see the hearts of others if we would feel so desperate? I wonder if we would be more generous? I wonder if we would be more thankful?

Oh, sweet friends, I want a heart like that;) I can not tell you in words the feeling of letting go of all my long list of needs to pray for my friends this night, to be so thankful for these babies that creep into my bed in the middle of the night, and to know that if He is all we have then He is more than enough!

May God open your heart this day to see the needs of someone far greater than your own, and allow you to live out your calling to love thy neighbor as thy self.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, RO