Will you be a spark?

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 7.44.53 PMHello Sweet Friends, I enter this week with much anticipation over the weekend to come. You see, I have been so blessed with this amazing group of friends that love the Lord as I do, and we often meet for what we call "Prayer and Praise." This is a night of sharing a meal and worship and prayer over our children, our spouses, each other and our community. We try to do this weekly, but our schedules don't always allow, but when we do it is always so fruitful. In December, we were meeting together and I was sharing with them what I had seen the past few weeks of traveling. We had been praying for the harvest to be ripe since the previous May, and I wanted them to know....girlfriends, the harvest is ripe! Our prayers are answered!

They had been praying back home as I traveled to speak, so they weren't seeing the fruit that I could see before my very eyes. They didn't get to see the women that came to lay pearls on the floor of a Country Club in Dothan, Alabama nor the two hour line of women lingering to pray after a Christmas Brunch in a town outside of San Francisco. From coast to coast, women were wanting prayer, and women were hungry for more. So as I was telling my sweet friends what I had experienced, we began to pray for God to light up the territory between Dothan, Alabama and Menlo Park California. May no ground be left untouched without experiencing this flame from women on fire for the Lord. When Denise finished this prayer, my phone lit up by a text that said, "Will you go to Austin, TX, February 16th?"  It wasn't the exact spot in between this two places, but it was without a doubt the land between. Answering prayers before we had finished praying;) Love that!

I tell you this this morning to say that prayer is powerful, the bonding together of women to pray is powerful, and the desire of an authentic heart to share His love is powerful. God is doing big things in small people, and I wonder if you are willing to say..

 Send me. Send me Lord to dry ground. Let me be the flame that lights your path. Let my life be a testimony of your lovingkindness and your greatness! Make my life radiant!

I want you to hold on to my testimony that He opens the way, if you are willing, and my heart desire is that you be made willing.

I share this also with you to say, pray for me this week as I prepare. Pray for these women. Pray for their hearts be open to receive what so many of you are experiencing this very moment. The harvest is ripe, so don't miss an opportunity to share the Gospel with someone ready to receive it! Be the light right where you are!

A woman attended an overnight event that I led several months back, and she left with this desire to share what she experienced with the women of her church. She asked if I would come to her church, even if only a small number attended. She was hopeful for women to come, but her prayer was not only answered but almost doubled as we packed out a small town church in Louisiana. An authentic desire to share was seen and the prayer answered. He showed up!  Perhaps, you aren't at a place to share with your own words, but you can be the one that steps out to say, I will bring this message to the women of my church and community. If this is your heart, will you email Shanna or Lisa and let us help you ignite the light of your fellow sisters. Be the spark:)

My heart is so full by what He is doing, not only in this "little one," but in the women I have met and have become my dearest sisters in Christ on this journey to Him. He is real. He is love is overwhelming. And we are His daughters! Daughters of the Mighty King....receive that sweet friends:)

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro