Don't settle for crackers......

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 5.27.13 PMGood Morning Sweet Friends, I heard a story once of a poor man seeking to make his way across the sea from his homeland to America. He had nothing to show and nothing to offer, but hope for a better life. He worked diligently to save all that he could to purchase a ticket on a cruise ship that would signify this journey to a new life. When he finally had the money, he gave all he had to purchase the prized ticket.  As he walked on board, he was taken by the beautiful display of foods and extravagance of the rooms as he peered through the glass doors and windows. Embarrassed at his poverty and thinking I could never afford such a meal, he settled to gather crackers from the tables and found his way to a cozy little spot out of view of others to partake in what little he had.  This routine continued day after day, as he settled for crackers peering in watching the others partake in a feast of lobster and steak with fountains of chocolate flowing for all to dip in. To have such food, he could not fathom, so he continued with his crackers imagining that he too sat with the exquisitely dressed traveling guest breathing in the aromas of all that sat before him. Then the final evening came, and a man noticed him tucked away with his crackers, and questioned why he would settle for crackers while such a feast awaited. Ashamed to admit, he softly answered, "I have no money to eat from those tables. I gave all I had to purchase my ticket." The man replied, “Why sir, you meals came with your ticket. Rise up, and come share in the feast. ” Though I heard this story some time ago, and I don’t recall all of the details surely you see the picture. Yesterday I too was traveling and reflecting on why I do what I do? What is it that makes me so passionate about sharing His Word and His love and His presence? This story came to mind, and it was a perfect picture, to me, of our spiritual journey.  I see many of us on the boat…..many traveling full of hope of more to partake in, but far too many eating spiritual crackers while a feast awaits. I wonder if you are fully partaking in the feast? Do you truly get the power of worship to satisfy you in your marrow? Do you truly get feel the Lord like a comforter? Do you experience His love with words indescribable? Do you know His Presence?

Sweet friends, a feast awaits and all you have to do is to be willing to awaken the desire to seek it! When you seek, it will be found (Deut 6 and Jer 29)! I choose a life fully feasting from all that He offers. Will you join me?

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro