Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 5.04.25 PMGood Morning Sweet Friends, It seems that I have received a number of prayer request these past few weeks of women who seem to be in a place of weariness. It doesn't seem to end for some of us.....this season of trial or suffering or confusion????

James tells us that trials are part of building our character. It is perseverance that truly molds us into the person we are created to be. However, there is something else that we should take to heart in matters of weariness. I know that I have spoken of warfare a number of times.... simply because I think so many are fogged by the reality of the enemy we face. We are even more hidden from how easily we become his prey with very little effort on his(the enemy) part.

So how do we become easy prey? While he can come like a lion seeking someone to devour, he can also come with a simple poke that has the same soul shaking effect. It is in understanding the Achilles' heel - the one place that we all have that leads us to despair - that we get this. Our "heel" is the place that the enemy knows will quickly remove us from our path and our purpose. It is the place he knows hurts us the most, so he strikes there with very little effort, and we find ourselves right back to a place of weariness.

So what is the Achilles' Heel? By definition it is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to downfall. While it originally referred to physical weakness because of it's mythological root, it is now used to refer to any weakness be it physical or character or emotional - any place that leads to your downfall. And we all have one or possible a few? So it is the place that pokes us most, and once we realize it, we can recognize when he comes and easily diffuse his attacks. So what is your Achilles' Heel? Is it that you aren't a good mother? Or you'll never be one? Is it that you don't feel worthy of a good Christian husband? Is it that you have failed at your career? Your health is questionable? Your finances are in destruction? Is it that you will always be alone or your life will never get easier? Is it that you need to be more? Is it relationships with friends or men? Is it an addiction?

So what does this look like? It is really so simple that we often don't see it all. When your heart desires to be a great mother, and you are easily hurt by words that may cause you to doubt your motherhood know that this is where the enemy comes. It is his quickest and easiest way to move you to weariness. So your most precious child looks at you with disappointment or says words that he or she does not mean, and your heart is broken. You think you have failed them. Yes, absolutely, it can be hormones, but yes and absolutely, it could be the enemy. It is so easy for him to strike here, so he will. If our Achillees' Heel is our character, because lets be honest, we have done things we aren't proud of, but we have completely changed our lives and we finally feel redeemed until we run into the one person who doesn't see us for who we really are and they may even suggest something from our past, and then here we are  questioning will I ever escape my past? Maybe I'll always be "her" in other's eyes? How could I lead other women? It could be that you pride yourself on your health and have done everything to avoid crisis, yet you still get that diagnosis. Or you have worked diligently to get out of debt and now you have found yourself with an enormous health or house or car bill that will put you right back to where you worked so sacrificially to get out of. Weariness!!! He says the weapons we fight against are not flesh and blood, but against the principalities of this dark world (Ephesians 6:12). We must accept this truth as hard as it is for some of us to fathom an enemy seeking to halt our purpose.....it is real!

It doesn't seem fair, and yes it hurts, but once he sees that it doesn't remove us from our foundation and that it doesn't shake us, and when we finally blow him away as we offer praise instead of despair.....he gets the point and he leaves. As long as we allow him to poke and upset us or stir us or confuse us, he WILL poke.

Can we get to a place where we say, "Bring it on, because you can't touch me" and find that the enemy leaves? The neat thing about this is that God says His power is made perfect in our weakness. Do we really get this? Can we trust that God will step in and strengthen that Achilles' Heel? Can we trust that we are strong enough because our God who is for us is MORE than anything that comes against us?

Can we go one step further and become anxious for God to reveal himself to us in our weakness? God reveal yourself to us!!!! Let us see that it is in being weak, that we become strong in YOU! Make us courageous!!!! Warrior Princess!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro