What are you leaving behind?

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 10.06.05 AMGood morning sweet friends, I don't know how your morning begins, but mine could qualify some days for a good reality show. My boys will be seven this weekend, so you can imagine.....double trouble and at the prime age for it! While at the same time, my daughter is turning twelve soon, so my home is torn between rambunctious boys doing all of the crazy things that only boys do, especially at seven, while my daughter is entering into this phase of don't touch my things, I need my space, and mom knows nothing. Can I just be honest and say I pray everyday for Grace?  And most days, oh how I need it!!! It is often the perfect recipe that would entitle Mother Teresa to come unglued, as Lysa TerKeurst calls it in her new book, Unglued. But I have genuinely tried to show them patience and love and to give them time to be who they are at this age. I try....not always succeed, but I am trying!

This morning as I was driving them to school, I began thinking of how we naturally replicate what we see as children. How I handle them will determine in many ways how they handle their own children. We do it the way mom does it, or how dad does it, and I recalled how even little things that I replicated from my parents became points of contention when I was married. Rice, for example.You see, my mom makes rice in her own little way, unlike the package directs you. She puts water and rice together, boils it and drains of the excess water, and we then partake in rice with everything, because my father ate rice with everything and still does...dumplings, chilli, beans, gravy. You name it, it always seemed better with rice:) However, my husband was a stickler for following things just as his mom did with the water perfectly measured and boiled to a certain time, and heaven forbid you drain water, because you measured just so, and it was ready to serve from the pot. And then the question of why in the world would I eat my rice with chilli or dumplings? It was very odd to him. It had nothing to do with rice, but everything to do with replication of what we knew.

As I was thinking of this process of replication this morning, I began to think of what in my life I want my children to see and replicate. What areas could be more replicatable? Somethings I already see....like my boys singing passionately, "He makes all things new, " because they see me sing passionately that very song. Oh, I love that:) My daughter comes to pray with me over people offering her hands and her heart, even to strangers, because she sees me do it all of the time. Love that too:) However, one day my boys came home from school to tell me that they forgive me for sinning, because they learned that divorce was a sin. Wow! That one hurt.....not replicatable!!! And I can't change that one, but I can show them how to forgive and how to let God mend and how to make the best out of less than perfect circumstances.  Every few years we take a family ski trip, and this year we included their father and his wife and her daughter on our family trip, so that we could all share in the experiences of our children. I pray that my children never experience divorce, but if they do....I pray they replicate what they have seen this weekend....putting children's heart needs above petty differences.

For those of you that are mothers, I pray that you will think deeply about what you are teaching your children to replicate.......how you love, and react or respond, how you show kindness, how you pray, how you laugh, how you give, how you forgive and mend. For those that are not mothers, I pray that you pour your life into someone who could really use a life that is worth replicating. So many searching for their place and purpose, when there are so many ways to bloom right where we are planted.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, RO