Have you ever been overwhelmed by what He is doing in your life?

deuteronomy6Good Morning Sweet Friends, I come to you this morning with such a grateful heart......an overwhelmed heart. It seems every time I approach to write you, the tears come.....ever so grateful! Last week was one of those weeks that called for three of me.....you know those weeks? My daughter tried out for junior high cheer (big deal to her:), consuming most of our nights with anxious preparation. We returned from vacation to nine weeks test, and 400 papers lay before me pressed for grades at a time I needed stillness to hear from God, because I was leading chapel for elementary school on Friday, and a Women's event on Saturday, all the while building an obstacle course in my backyard for my twins 7th birthday on Sunday.......not to mention all of my everyday needs and trying to find space to keep connected here.  Yes, this is why they say it takes a village to raise a child;) Thank God I have a village;) Grateful!

Saturday, I spoke to an amazing group of the most precious bunch of Mississippi women. It was the eve of the 7th anniversary of the birth of my twins.....the year that changed my life when I found my heart was failing due to the pregnancy. As I began to speak that night, I realized that there were things that needed to be said that I had not prepared fully to say, yet I knew the words would come if needed. And they did, and I can't explain in words how it feels to know that He could use just a little one like me in such a powerful way. Looking through tearful faces, seeing a stage draped in pearls that had been laid down, and receiving an abundance of notes and letters and texts and posts about how the word was so timely and what it was meant for each person (even their pastor), overwhelmed my heart like never before. I have prayed....

God, please send me help, so that this message spreads like wildfire, and women are set free of this world and truly get it and get You.....experience You in a way that would change their lives, as You has changed mine. Lord, may they not find themselves on the brink of a heart transplant to get You, cause them to turn now, and unveil them here, as they lay down their pearls! Let us not waste one more day not living in your presence.....the life in full you sacrificed so greatly to provide. Envelope us with your love! Cause us to come undone in your presence!

And the help has come.  While my week was so busy that I felt I neglected you, my two precious friends picked up my slack and our blog and facebook page set an all time high....not just a high but a 200% increase in people tapping into our encouragement. The wildfire is spreading:) While I felt my boys would be disappointed, Trevor and my brother and sister-in-law and my daughter and mother stepped in and it was beyond what they would have imagined. My daughter made cheer:) And the most amazing group of women I could ask for showed up Saturday night to walk hand in hand with me sharing this message, and I was able to do what I have been called to do, as you have been called also......... to light the way to Jesus!

Sunday in church, they sang my favorite song, "In Your Presence, I come Undone, " and I came undone. Overwhelmed at his faithfulness, the tears fell. Overwhelmed that what He spoke to my heart is happening right before my eyes. Overwhelmed that He could use a little one like me. Overwhelmed that I feel this ministry on the brink of starting a wildfire. Overwhelmed that the help that I have prayed for has arrived.

Why now? Because possibly for the first time, I have truly grasped the truth to BELIEVE. I will be transparent (as I always try to) that to get here, I have had to overcome some doubt. I have had to learn some confidence, and I still pray each day for courage. You see, He spoke in my heart the verse Psalm 40 that He put a song in my mouth and He wanted me to sing it. A song of praise to our God, and He wanted me to sing it in a way that others would fear and come to know the Lord. (My definition of fear here is to desire to know the love of God.) But in my doubtful mind, I have often put things on the side just in case He doesn't show up. The minute my calendar looks open, I create a back up plan; I'll sell a little skincare or vitamins or make jewelry or something that takes my energy from this ministry and what He has called me to do. Yes, this is sad to admit, and often I don't say it that boldly "Just in case He doesn't show up", but more along the lines of, "Just in case I heard him wrong." Have you ever used that one? Sweet friends, either or, it is all the same ......doubt.

I think Saturday He showed me what He can do through a little one full of belief.... venturing me into new waters with His words but guiding all the way, because I was willing to release and trust. Trust can not be birthed where doubt is present. Doubt is a disease eating away your roots of trust, and it will halt your miracle, your prayer, your faith. If you laid pearls down Saturday night in Mississippi or in the fall in Alabama, Louisiana or Georgia or California, or just last month in Texas....do not take them back. You do not need a back up plan. He blesses belief and obedience, so release and trust!

Sweet friends, I hope you will believe for what God has spoken to your heart. I pray you will trust even when it calls you to walk on water, even when it fearful, even when you only see the first step. For me, I am taking that step and saying you have called me to share your word and I no longer need a back up plan.

With this being said, I would love to share my story with your church or friends or community. If you know of a church or group that needs to host a women's event or a speaker or if you just need a fresh stirring of your women, will you share that information with us. Sweet friends, we are called to be a light and it only takes a flame to dry ground to start a wildfire. Believe and let your belief be the flame that lights the way to Jesus!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro

For those that would like to share your church or community information, please email it to shanna@rochellefrazier.com, and we will get our information to those places. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!