A Woman in His Wings;)

In His WIngsHello Sweet Friends, Today, I have a thought for you. I was speaking with my dear friend Denise about Ruth last night, and then again sharing the message of Ruth with students this morning, so with a heart full of Ruth, I bring you something to ponder.

I don't think I love a story in the Word more than Ruth. In so many ways, it speaks. And with each fresh encounter there is always something new. While I was in Austin a few weekends back, I was wrapped up in the way Boaz spoke to this foreign woman gleaning in his fields.....

"May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, under whose wings you have come to take refuge." Ruth 2:12

It shows one, how we too can speak blessings and favor into the lives of other, and I love that!  It speaks of a God that Boaz knows intimately that richly rewards, and I love that too. A God of love and favor and rewards:) However, what really took hold of me was that he states clearly that she is a woman who has taken refuge in the wings of our Lord.

So my heart became consumed with this thought......what does this man see in this woman? What was it about this woman that Boaz knew with certainty that she was a woman who had taken refuge in the wings of his Lord? If you really marinate in these words, he could have just offered her favor for kindness or because she was hard working, but something about her made him state clearly You are a woman who has found refuge in the wings of the Lord. Even more, he sees this in her as she gleans. Not when she is at her best or highest, but when she follows servants picking up leftover grain. Hmmmm?

And my heart grew ever so full of wanting to be her......wanting to be a woman that people would look at and say clearly and confidently.....this is a woman who has found refuge in the wings of the Lord. How could you not want that? Today, I ask you to ponder this thought in your heart.....Are we women that others look at and see His Wings wrapped around us? What would we look life if we were that woman..... a woman who has truly experienced the wings of her father embracing her fully?

Father, bring us into your wings. Draw us near so that we feel your loving presence in a way that we never seek to leave from refuge! May we be so full of you that others see it, and become consumed with desire to share in your wings.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro

PS- Just fun, can you read my wings;)