When we realize that we will never fully arrive, we can stop and enjoy the ride:)

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.55.04 PMGood morning sweet friends, I don't know about you, but I am so glad it is Friday:) And spring break for us......insert happy dance;) A much needed respite!

I love to tell stories of God's blessings and grace in my life. He has certainly, at times, shown great favor in ways that could only be from Him....in ways some would say impossible.  I say, if you are living in only the possible, you have missed my GOD:) He says that He will give what we ask, if we believe and it brings glory to His kingdom, and I always seek to point my favor to Him......look at the God we serve. Look what He does to those that love Him. Often, I speak with women who feel that aren't really experiencing that favor that I share with them......they often ask, "why not me?" Even women that feel they are serving and immersed in Bible Study and church and still missing it???? Where is the favor?

I was reading Rick Warren's blog, "Daily Hope" a few day's back and he spoke to this thought, and I wanted to share his words, because though I share his sentiment, it helps to have reinforcements sometimes:) And he is the author of the Purpose Driven Life! The heart of Rick's message was that too often we are "readers" of the word and not doers. Too often we immerse ourselves in one Bible study after another without stopping to adjust our lives to what the study speaks into our lives. We move so quickly from one to another with out a plan to be moved by the word to action. He says the blessings are for the doers of the word and he supports it with various scriptures like John...

“Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them” (13:17).  I add to this one of my personal favorites,  John 14, when you love and obey, I will show myself to you.

I think I enjoyed his blog, because it was so true of who I use to be. I enjoyed studying the word, and I would say I more like devoured it moving from one study to another without taking a breath. Even when I read clearly "this is a 33 day journey, do not proceed past your day, so that you can discern what each day speaks," I would read in a weekend. Devouring the words, but never stopping to let it speak, and certainly not moving me to action.

When we realize that we are on a journey that will lead us to continual seeking, we can stop trying to arrive and just enjoy the ride. Enjoy each day all that the word teaches us and allow it to speak .......to transform us...... to mold us. Rick advises that we commit to action with each encounter, so that we put into practice what the word is speaking. He advises that your action should be personal, practical and provable. As a life coach myself, I know the value of writing down goals even though most of us dread it. Statistics show that if we right down our goals, they are 25% more likely to become a reality, and up to 65-85% if someone holds us accountable, and perhaps this is why journaling becomes so fruitful?  (For more on this blog........ Satan Doesn't Mind Bible Study Never Put Into Practice)

Sweet friends, if we truly seek transformation, we must become doers. I love how he titled his blog, "Satan doesn't mind Bible Study Never Put Into Practice." It made me think of the quote above, and makes me desire in my marrow to be the kind of woman that the enemy dreads stepping one foot out of bed......at this point, I hope he does;) Be the kind of woman that when she wakes the enemy trembles!

May you be blessed this weekend.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro