He is waiting.......if only you will knock!

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.08.21 PMHello Sweet Friends, This morning I was reading the Gospel of Luke where Jesus was teaching the disciples to pray. I know we hear this passage often about asking and receiving, knocking and opening and seeking and finding.....praying believing, but today was a little different.

As I sat with these words from Luke (11:1-13), I saw beyond the heart of need that would bring you to ask, but to the heart of a father that gives abundantly to those who seek Him. A father....not an Almighty God distanced from us enthroned in eternity, but a father. Have you ever really pondered this notion that He is our father when approaching His throne with a heart filled need?  In this particular verse Jesus teaches us that like a father, he desires to give to his children. What father would give his children a snake when he asked for a fish, or a scorpion when he asked for an egg? A father seeks the best for his children. And if He is the perfect Father, how much more would a perfect Father seek to give to those He loves....those He calls His own?

Today my heart was not stirring with....oh father give me a new home or car or a perfect figure, but with treasures priceless.....give me courage, enlarge my belief, give me faith that moves mountains and trust.....Father, give me wisdom with all that lays before me and with every decision that needs to be made. For certainly, all of the goods on earth fall short of walking in wisdom and peace and trust. To abandon anxiety and be freed from confusion or worry, who could put a price on such things? Really think about this for a moment......how much of your need list could be taken if you walked in faith, trust, courage and wisdom? I would venture to bet....most all of it?

When you think of Him as a father, or think of yourself as a mother, if your child approached you with a heart desiring the treasures of faithfulness, and love and wisdom would you not be overjoyed and overwhelmed, and if you possessed the keys to give such things wouldn't you release them before they could even finish their request.  Yes, I give you courage and faithfulness and love and peace and trust! This is what we want as parents.....for our children to seek to be full of wisdom and make good choices and live righteous lives, and we would so gladly give if only we could. As does HE....James says that he gives generously to all, without finding fault, to those who seek wisdom with belief (James 1:5).

What is your heart struggle? Do you need to release pride or fear or forgiveness? Do you need wisdom, self control, and faith and love? Sweet friends, He is waiting at the door saying, "Knock." When we stop, and embrace the truth, not in words but in reality, that He is our father, it changes our relationship with Him. It draws us closer to Him as a daughter should be. It fills that void that every daughter needs to feel validated and worthy and beautiful from her father, because to Him we are all those things.....we are worthy, we are beautiful, we are set apart, and we are His!

May you come to Him this day, and find that He has been waiting all along....waiting for you to knock.


In His Wings, Ro