Conviction to you need it?

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 6.24.24 AMGood morning sweet friends, I have found that the moment I stepped out in ministry that words came quickly seeking to steal my foundation. How could the word be truth? After all that you have been through, why would you even want to believe?

I would say that I am deeply convicted not simply because the Word says so, but because I have seen it manifested in my life in ways that could only be God. In moments I have recognized His hand, but often times it was years later looking back that I could see it, and certainly there are many more times that I have missed it.

Seven years ago, when faced with a diagnosis that questioned would I be here to see the milestones of my babies I prayed the word.....I shall not die but live and spread your Word (Psalm 118:17). I was a pharmaceutical rep on a brink of a heart transplant, and seven years later I am fully healed sharing His Word in the way least expected.....writing. When I was going to college, I was looking at University of Mississippi or Ole Miss and was told that the closest thing to my major was English. Despising English with great passion, I thought I would never be a writer, and it was a huge deciding factor in me going to Mississippi State University were I could major in Broadcast Journalism.

The lesson I take from this and  hope you see this day as well is that the Word of God proclaimed over your life is powerful. It is real and life changing. I hope you also see too that He is the God of impossible. He is the God that can take the pieces of your life and fit them together beyond what you can fathom and in ways which you least expect.

So today may we proclaim the Word of God over our lives and put our hope in the God that says He never disappoints us! (Isaiah 49:23)

Father God,

I give you my sisters in Christ this day. I pray that you stir in them something new and full of excitement and anticipation for what you are yet to do in their lives. Blow them away by your love for them. Wrap them up in your arms and let them feel your comfort. Shower them with anointing, so they are moved by your Word in ways that they can't help but to become your disciples. You are the way, you are the truth and you are our life! May we be so full of conviction of what you are about to do that we feel impregnated with joy as we wait.  May our lanterns never burn out as we wait on our bridegroom.

In Jesus Name, Amen

In His Wings, Ro