If you want to be a new woman, then become one!

dancinglessonGood Morning Sweet Friends,

I was in organizing mode yesterday and found this book When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas. I think Angela is precious and I love to read her work, and selfishly so, because she is so transparent about her struggles, at times, with being a single mom, and she makes me feel normal for where I have been. Maybe you know that sigh of relief when you find someone that shares your struggles? Thank you Lord, I am not alone!:)

The quote above is from her book, and it brought me back to one of my most joyous memories from my high school days....which seems like ages ago, but still the memory remains vivid. Our Mock Trial Team was competing for the national title in Atlanta, Georgia. Our team of high school students playing the roles of lawyers and witnesses would present our case before a jury of lawyers, and if we won, we would be the first team in Mississippi to bring home this title. Oh, how our hearts yearned to be the champions, and we worked with such zeal and devotion that we felt surely we were deserving.  However, one of the lawyers that coached our team  said it wasn't enough to play the part, but we had to look the part and feel the part, and then we could step into this role that we so desperately wanted with the confidence that would assure the victory. His wife decided to take us to find the "perfect attire," and so we left our little town and headed to Jackson (big deal to small town high school students), and we found his truth as we slipped into the attire that made the part come to life.  We looked like champions, and we felt like champions, and we prepared like champions, and we indeed became champions! A bunch of proud teenagers left with more than a trophy and a title, but a lesson that would lead us forward.

When in college, I continued to "dress" for the part I wanted rather than the one I had, and it remained true. I "dressed" for the job I wanted when I went to that first interview, and found I skipped right over the job I interviewed for and directly into the one I wanted. It worked:) Look the part, feel the part, prepare for the part, be confident you have the part, and your life will manifest the life you believe is yours!

Today, as we look with passion to become a new woman, we must digest some hard truth.....perhaps we aren't doing our part? If we authentically want to be a woman with purpose and a woman living her calling, we must take this truth to heart. Are we dressing for where we want to be, or where we are?  Are we taking steps that align us to our destiny, or are we waiting for something to just fall before us? Are we longing to be out of a pit, but we always look like our life is a mess? Are we wanting to experience Him, but can't find the time to meet Him anywhere? Are we wanting to give up on our marriages, because they aren't playing their part, while we are far from living our part....our role irreplaceable in a sacred marriage?

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

I suppose dressing the part is in essence believing that you have received. If you have found yourself in a pit.....get out! Your mess will never become a message in a pit. Do what ever you have to do to get out! If you keep falling to an addiction, get help......fall to your face, cry out and be healed! Do what is necessary to be victorious! If your career is not fulfilling you and stealing your soul, stop complaining and be willing to make the necessary changes! Be courageous! Before you give up on your husband because he isn't changing, you be the change that infects your home for the glory of God!

Sweet friends, the time is now to stop living the same vicious cycle of doubt and disbelief and pit dwelling, and time is now to be something NEW! I remember the day that I heard that still small voice speak to my heart.....

As long as you stay in your mess, you are sending the wrong message! It is time to be the Rock!

I made a decision that day, that I would not live in a pit. I would get up early and read the Word, I would turn on His praise music and worship EVERY time I got in my car,  I would put note cards with His truth everywhere, so that I could not escape His love for me,  I would make space to be still so that I could hear Him over my girlfriends opinions, I would cry out, I would allow Him to heal and stop looking at the world to fill, I would do what had to be done to be someone new!

I will not say that it is easy, but I can promise with every fiber in my being that it is worth it! Today is your day to step out of bed, put on something that makes you feel pretty, and start walking in a new direction!!!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,