A Special Message for Young Girls and those that have them or know them....From my heart to yours!

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.39.42 PMGood morning sweet friends, Today, I felt led to speak to the heart of my young girls. So if you are a young girl or a mother of a young girl or you know a young girl that could use this, please share this:)

First, I know how tiring it gets of hearing older women say, "If I would have only known then what I know now." Yes, it gets tiring of others trying to prevent you from making their mistakes, even though their intentions are from a good heart you want the freedom to discover it for yourself. You may be thinking..."Enough already?" Right? As much as we want to prevent you from hurting and experiencing pain, I know that it is often pain that is the catalyst to our growth, and it has certainly been mine. So I don't pray that you never have pain, but I do pray that your foundation is so solid that you can persevere through the challenges that will come, because God says they WILL come.  With all of this being said, I wish with all of my heart that someone would have explained to me when I was a young girl the desires of my heart and their Biblical foundations, and I would be remissed if I did  not take a moment to share this with you:)  You need to know that everything your heart feels and longs for is valid. Your desires are real and they run deep, but if we miss their Biblical root, we will spend our lives searching for something we are to never find making pour choices along the way.

My heart as a young girl burned for certain things....I must have THOSE too cute shoes, or that really cute guy or become a cheerleader. This longing to be beautiful and noticed and chosen was there from the first Cinderella dress I slipped on. Even as a young girl, I planned the day I would wear that white gown and veil. I looked at flowers and cakes with such hope of becoming a bride, and to be chosen. And many of you do too, and I know because I "creeped" a few Pinterest pages of girls I know in their teens to see if this truth still holds, and yes there before my eyes were pages and pages of the wedding plans of girls still in high school:) Some things never change;)Ha!

What I missed when I was a teen was God's role in all of these desires, so the mistake I made was allowing my value to be found in other things. It felt good in the moment to  wear the crown or have my name in the paper or wear his letter man jacket, but the moment would fade and then I was searching for what was next to fill me. My heart always longed for something MORE, and I kept looking for the world to fill me! Do you know this feeling?

But this is the real reason you long to be loved deeply and you long to be chosen and you search to be filled, because God designed your heart that way. He designed it so that you would always long for Him, and if you don't get this eventually everything will fail you, so that you come to a place where you finally seek Him (Believe me I know this one;). So follow me through a little truth.....

Ecc 3:11 says that God set eternity in our hearts.

Romans 5:5 says that God poured His love there.

We then learn from Paul a verse you may have heard excessively describing for us this love of God, may you grasp how high and wide and deep is the love of God that passes all understanding. So, if you follow me...

You have what I call a God sized hole in your heart. Your heart has tasted eternity (I set eternity in the hearts of man) and your heart longs for more. Let this sink in....He set a piece of eternity in the depths of your heart so it would long for eternity! His love that we can not fathom has been poured into your heart, and it longs to be reunited with that love. So you desire in your marrow to be loved in a way that no man can possibly love you.  A God love:) And when He returns, Jesus comes as a bridegroom for His Bride---YOU! Your destiny is to be a bride and your destiny is to be loved perfectly in Christ. Your desires to be chosen and gowned in white and loved deeply are all valid!!!

I call this the Cake analogy:) If we really get this truth and allow God to fill us...allow him to be our core or our CAKE, then we stop looking to be filled by the world, because He fills us. It then allows everything else in our life to become the icing.....boys, awards, social status, girlfriends and things. This is important because when we loose those things or they fail us (and they will), we don't fall apart, because they were never our cake. They are just the icing to our life, not the center. Our foundation and value are not gone because our cake is done and solid. However, when we let a boy or title or girlfriends or social status become our cake, and we get our value from those things, it is like a cake pulled out of the oven too soon. The center is weak and the cake WILL fall, just as we find when we loose that boyfriend or girlfriend or don't make the softball team that we feel like we are falling apart. Yes, we can be disappointed and yes, we may be sad, but our core value is not shaken, and rather than falling apart we seek Him MORE.

So what do I do with all of this Rochelle? 2 Corinthians 3:16 says, TURN to Him and He will remove the veil, Revelation 3:20 says He stands waiting for us to KNOCK, and John 14:13 says to ASK and ye shall receive. So we TURN to Him, KNOCK and ASK,

Father, I want to be a God Girl. I want YOU to be my cake. I don't even know where to begin, but will you look at my heart and know that I want it. And when things seek to be my cake, Father will you step in and take them from me. I give you my life. I give you my whole heart. I ask Father to feel your love that is said to have heights and depths of which I can not fathom. Will you let me taste and see that it is good, so that my heart desire will be to grow spiritually with you, not with things of this world?  Lord make my heart consumed with YOU loving you above all things, as you have called me to do. I know I can't do this in my own strength, but I give you my life and ask you to step in. I want to be your light. I want to be your Bride and I want you to be my One Great Love (Zeph 3:17). In the name of Jesus, I claim my life for your divine purpose.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.35.06 PM

And I promise you this, if you are speaking from an authentic heart desire, HE WILL SHOW HIMSELF TO YOU! I promise! His love for us never fails. He stands at the door just waiting for you to knock, and of all of the things this world offers...in the words of Third Day, Nothing compares to His love!  Test me in this because I have tasted them all!!!

I love you and I lift you up and I pray as you read these words that the anointing falls upon your precious heads and your hearts are so full of His love that you are on fire for MORE of Him. May the flame of our youth infect our homes. May we rise up a new generation of Warrior Princesses! And we pray each day that God raises up men all over this nation that are pouring into the lives of the young men that will one day lead your homes to the glory of our most loving God!


In His Wings,