If you believe.....it should change your life!

justinbelieveGood morning sweet friends, For those of you that have been following me since January, you have probably heard me mention my theme for this year.....BELIEVE. I felt with the bringing of this new year that the Lord was calling me to believe and lead other women to abandon doubt and walk in faith with this bold BELIEF!!! Belief that would unlock our prayers. Belief that would cause others to look at us and desire to walk alongside us as they see His glory manifest in our lives. And I have seen confirmation along the way that the message was right on ......many of you heard my Justin Beiber story with my daughter and how the tickets came (for free), and I was hit face to face with his tour title BELIEVE! And then the past few weeks it seems that the word still keeps getting put in my path, but now opening more revelation to it's intent. I hope you love this;))

2013-03-25 06.41.31I was speaking two weekends ago and the precious ladies that hosted gave me this bracelet that I LOVE and every time I wear it my heart just flutters when it collides with that word......BELIEVE! I visited a dear friend about a month ago, and she gave me a pair of earrings that I love just the same.  The front had crosses impressed in pewter, but the back said not faith, hope and love, but faith, hope, and BELIEVE. I remember thinking to myself, "Okay, I get it. He is calling me to believe!"

While I was surely getting the message, I thought how odd that believe would replace love in the series faith, hope......believe??? This I didn't quite understand until yesterday. I was driving behind a car with the numbers 3:16 on the back window. As I saw the numbers, the words came quickly.....For God so LOVED the world that He gave His son. While I have heard these words and know these words in my bones, they have never hit me quite like yesterday.....He did it all for LOVE, and yes we say this so very often, but do we get it? He did it for LOVE, and if you get it....it should change you. He gave His son for YOU and for ME and for all for LOVE!

As I pondered these words in my heart yesterday, I realized that His plan for this year to BELIEVE was not simply about miracles and the impossible, but about love.......will you BELIEVE that I LOVE you?

If you truly BELIEVE that I love you, then you can trust me......trust me with your children, trust me that I can change your marriage, trust that I can change you, trust that I can resolve this law suit that is tearing you apart, trust that I can make your life easier, trust that I can open your womb that they say is barren, trust that I can bring you a family though you feel your time has past, trust that I show favor and resolution and redemption, trust that I forgive and have already forgotten and I understand, trust that I would never take something unless it is not good for you, my love, or only if I have something better. You can trust that my plans for you are good, and that my love never fails. You can trust me enough to put all of your hope in me, because those that do are never disappointed.  Will you walk believing in my love for you _________(insert your name)?

2013-03-25 06.42.18-1

Sweet friends, I don't think it was coincidence that this all hit me yesterday....a week before the resurrection of the one who died for our love. May we not let the significance of this week slip us by.  Today begins a week to remember the passion of our Lord.  My prayer for you is that you experience His love this week in a fresh way.......in a way that will change you, because we can't taste His love and believe and trust in it and live in a pit or complacency. We were designed for more!!!! Will you allow His love to change your life?

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro