Can we have a come to Jesus? It is time to be Resurrected!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.03.46 PMHello Sweet Friends, The day is coming to an end, and I just need to be honest, even if I step on some toes. In the South, we call this having a "come to Jesus." :) I will put my little southern smiley face behind it begging for a little room here to share my heart. I was looking through some blogs of the other women who teach the Word, because I do that too. I certainly don't expect to know all and I love to see what He puts on the hearts of others to share.....always seeking to pour in, and I hope you do too! I am often in awe of how He lines us up with the same message or something similar. He is obviously trying to get the attention of His girls! And I love that:)

While reading through comments, I often see Christians defending their denominations or breaking down others more than sharing the Gospel of Jesus. It makes my little head spin in a thousand circles, and this tiny part of me that should have been an attorney wants to ask permission to enter the well of the courtroom getting up close and personal to present my case. I want to open the Word, and say where do you see that Jesus taught that we must be Methodist or Baptist or Episcopal or Presbyterian or Non denominational.........the way is Jesus! The people are believers. And we are called to be ONE body! And He will come back for those who have made themselves ready, and He calls them His bride. This is sacred scripture. On Peter He built a church that would share the Gospel of Jesus baptizing ALL nations. Jesus was inclusive not exclusive. I want to shout from the mountain top, and say stop looking to break down any body of Christ and do your part to build it.....And now comes the second part of my frustration. What, me build??? Why faith alone will save me. And pardon me here, but I really want to say, Seriously, Are you kidding me?

And now enters more courtroom drama;)........look at the bridesmaids in Matthew 25 that missed Him, because they had not made themselves ready. They were obviously believers if they were waiting on Him, but there light went out, and they missed Him. Look at the words chosen and few and narrow path. Look at the words of James that faith with out works is dead. Look at the parable of the Salt and Light....if your life is not making others thirsty for the Kingdom, you might as well be thrown out. How can you look at what the Bible teaches and think that you can simply believe that God exist and earn any way to eternity with Him? Faith is in itself action.

Sweet friends, I tell you this from the bottom of my heart, because I think we have far too many people being mislead by this GRACE movement! It was by Grace that He saved us from sin, not by GRACE that He allows you to live in it! He is coming, and we can not afford to miss Him!

From my experience, I have been on the side that thought you served to earn your way, and I was exhausted trying. This is not what I am speaking of, but rather in a place of being so full of Him that you can't help but serve. When His all consuming overwhelming depth of unfathomable love hit me like a lightening bolt and shook my every belief of what it was to be a believer, I had to change. With this new heart for Him, I could never truly be satisfied not lighting others to His kingdom. I am called to be a light. You are called to be a light. That in essence means....... we have work to do. Not because we need to earn our way, but because He doesn't want to miss even one, and when we are dead to flesh and alive in Christ our mission is one with His!

This may be a little bold for a delicate is Easter, and we may be decorating eggs and gathering goodies and preparing baskets, but it is more importantly the perfect time to resurrect some old bones and bring them to new life! Life begins once Jesus is the reason you live it!!!

I hope you will spend a moment and close your eyes and listen to these words.....Take my hand. Guide me on. Show me the way to life! And lift my head. Give me Hope! Show me the way to life!


Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro