It's Time to give up the Koolaid!

Good morning Sweet Friends, I hope you each had a blessed Easter holiday. I hope it was special and sacred and for some a resurrection of something new within. A desire for more....I pray:)

Sunday I was at church with my parents and taking in the worship leading us into the service. Their church has wonderful worship, and I am normally so lost in my own worship that I don't notice all that much those around me, but Sunday I was watching. ( I love to watch:), but this day was for divine purpose, because He wanted me to see the need, and boy did I see!) I could see that for many it was so very intimately moving, while others seemed to wear the look that it was far too long. You know what I mean...the look of are we ever going to stop singing?  Taking in the emotions of some and the lack of emotion in others, my heart began to was Easter; shouldn't we all be so moved?  The words come to my mind as I sit here....a love so amazing...a love so divine...taking my place on a cross that was mine, and I know this love. I know the reality of this love. I know the invasion of this love into my marrow, and so I can't help but worship. And I know for so long that I missed it, and I wish I could open my heart up and let those so afraid to worship to taste and see the goodness and what He has done in this little heart of mine. To taste in a way that would call them to truly experience worship! Because for me, it is in worship that I experience Him most deeply...He inhabits the praises of His people, words could not be more true!

How often we set our eyes on the mission field being third world countries or the impovershed areas or the "lost" when truly the mission field is so often within in the walls of the churches. Those who think they know, but still missing it. Been there! With all of this on my heart, I was sitting at the baseball field yesterday watching the boys practice when I found Follow Me by David Platt in my trunk. I hadn't had the chance to read, so as I sat in the back of my car enjoying a beautiful day at the field, I broke into a very bold introduction from Francis Chan. What does it mean to follow? And I soon found that David's heart passion aligned with mine agreeing that far too many people are drinking what he called the "koolaid." He says that in attempt to reach more people, we have minimalized the truth of what it means to be a Christian and have made it more palitable to not lose our audience. People have been given this truth that you say a prayer and walk an aisle and sign your name and you are promised eternal life. And he's not true. And a scary thought is that it is not even Biblical, and even more frightening that so many believe it. Nowhere, he says, will you find that saving prayer in the Word nor the notion to "ask Jesus into your heart" buys you eternal salvation. Yet, so tragically many hang their salvation on both. footprints

We are called to follow HIM! Follow Him.....not sit in the church and receive and then move on with your life, but follow Him. We are commissioned to make disciples of all is our calling! And yes that means there is work to be done, but it also means that there is more of Jesus to experience in this life, because as we follow His love invades us. Of the hands lifted that I saw hands on Sunday, I know most of them personally, and I know their heart desire for Jesus and I know that as they have walked in obedience to follow Him that His love is being made complete in them...I see it!  I could see it as one grabbed hold of her heart and another wiped away tears and another lifted her hands with a look of overwhelming joy. I'm not saying that "I" know, but you know what I mean....nonverbals are powerful and sometimes you don't need words to speak, because the evidence is so clear! Authentic hearts praising Him.....causes a response within your spirit....Yes! Praise Him! Thank You Lord! Amen! Or maybe that is just me??

Sweet friends, it is time to push aside the koolaid and say, I can take the truth and I will live it! Following Him means I die to my selfish desires and live in Him, and when we get there....finally get to this place, we realize that any other way is like walking dead! He is the way, the truth and the life! Seek to know His love, love like it is your religion and then follow fearlessly so that His love is made complete in YOU! Nothing compares, and sweet friends, our eternity depends on it!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,