If you aren't willing to live on the edge like Peter, is it fair to expect the same IMPOSSIBLE?

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 2.58.45 AMGood morning sweet friends, I was leading our youth last night through an exercise that I believe may speak to you as it did me. Sometimes the simple things come with the most powerful messages!  My directions were to create an obstacle course, and blind fold the children and lead them through the course one of three ways. The first group would be lead by a companion standing close and giving them clear instructions.....step over, lean down, crawl through, more to the right, now turn or stop before you fall. The second group would have to listen to instructions from a little bit of a distance and without the comfort of a companion. Then the final two brave men would be given instructions through a crowd seeking to send them the wrong directions. Blind folded and hearing many voices, the young men began to feel their way through the maze looking more than a little lost.

I can imagine you can see the messages already, and there were a few I chose to share with the children like.....

1. The apostles sent out from Jesus must have felt blind folded too. They were called to do what was unknown and it certainly called them to trust where He was leading even when it may have been uncomfortable and when they did not understand, but He was with them close leading them always, and it gave them the boldness to do what we can not fathom even to their death.

2. While many look to the churches and the Word these days as "rules" and "religion" that turn them away from both, they were both truly designed to be like the guides giving us road maps or caution signs trying to keep us from danger or trying to move us forward on our path to Him. In truth our lives and roadways would be utter chaos with out signs and signals saying....GO or Stop! And all of our churches should, in essence, be pointing us to Him.

3. It is often hard to hear His voice and direction when we start allowing other voices to take precedence.....we want to know what our girlfriends think or our parent's views or what the media says and often all of the voices drown out what He is yelling from the distance, because we have basically put him there......at a distance.

All of these conclusions were easily drawn from leading these children through the obstacle course, but as I got home and pondered this simple activity and all that it was speaking to me, what really moved me to deeper revelation was the blindfold. From my view, as we grow spiritually, He calls us to step out into the waters of the unknown just as He did Peter and Paul.....I believe it is part of our growth. You start getting the message that you were sent to follow and He calls you to walk in that belief. Instead of receiving a text that a friend needs prayer and you simply stopping for a moment to prayer, you do as you are led be it banning together women to pray or going to her and laying your hands upon her. You pray bold prayers as they did to cast out or open a womb or heal just as they did.....and then you begin to see it. You see fruit of prayer, boldness and laying hands in belief. You see a person come out of depression or healed from cancer or an unexpected baby or a job offer or a reconciliation that you prayed voraciously for, and then you are spurred within to step out again and again. You see, I think so many people don't believe that what happened in the days of the apostles could possibly happen now, and I suppose my question is are you willing to go to the places or put yourself in a position where it can happen?

We can't expect God to part the seas of our lives, if we aren't willing to stand at the edge of the water, and reach out our staff in belief and obedience knowing that He can and He will. He called Moses to action and obedience, even simple, but how odd Moses must have felt as he looked at the sea and lifted his hand with hope that the waters would part as instructed. We have to be willing to go where the fruit of God's miracles can happen, and most often it calls us to feel blindfolded trusting and listening for the voice that says left, right, over, under, crawl.....NO or Go!

Sweet friends, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE for our God (Luke 1:37), but to truly see this truth manifest in our lives we are going to have to take on the spirit of Peter and Paul and John, and start stepping out on some water!!! Certainly you can't expect the impossible from a position of comfort ......never forget that it is friction that births a pearl.

I told a wise friend once that I wanted to carry the presence like Peter and for others to be around me and know without words that His spirit invaded my being and even cast out a shadow that others could feel it, and he told me that the glory of God would follow me when everything I did was for the glory of GOD! I cherish these words and pray for this daily.

May this day we seek to live every moment for the glory of GOD, even if we feel blindfolded, and may that change our lives!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro