Something new....You wouldn't believe it!

somethingnew.jpgGood morning sweet friends, I come to you this night with such an overwhelmed heart.....a heart ever so grateful!!! Many of you know that last summer I offered up a request for God to put me where He needed me, and the last place I expected to be was at my children's school teaching literature. It has been one of the most trying years of my life, because I could not have imagined the physical or emotional energy that it takes to teach, and especially along side this ministry and my babies. To say you should pray for teachers is far from an adequate request....on your knees for teachers is closer;)

A few years ago, I met a woman on a shuttle headed to the airport in San Francisco after a convention. This woman was looking curiously at me as I carried on a conversation with another woman, and then she finally asked, "What is it that you do?" When I responded that I share my love of the Lord through speaking and writing she replied with such sorrow, "I had a feeling it was something with purpose. I am only a teacher." God must have replied to her through me, because my words came so quickly, "Sweet friend, is there any calling greater than a teacher? Who touches more lives than you? Who has more lives come through their hands than you?" Though the words came to renew her spirit, I had no idea the truth of such words until I walked this year in her shoes. The calling of a teacher is one that can not be fully understood unless you walk it, and even then, I'm sure so many miss it.

My assignment was middle school literature, and heaven forbid, my heart has been on a roller coaster of emotions with all of their budding hormones. Have mercy on my soul.....many days:) But as my year comes to an end, I see fruit. Fruit that has moved me in a way that I have never before been moved. I could see a few of my girls going deeper into the Word and I could see that change was happening. Their attitudes, their smiles, their eyes and their hearts were beginning to radiate something new. A few asked me if they could speak to our class, and the response was one that I did not expect. These girls poured out their hearts about their new found love of Jesus and his Word, and were welcomed by fellow students with tears of joy as the children hugged one another and then made a circle and prayed together right before my eyes. Yes, we are in a Christian school.....thank you Jesus for that!!!!!

The young girls sharing invited the students in our class to join them in Bible study over break the following day (today), and several students welcomed the invitation. I received a message last night asking if they could use my classroom, because they didn't have room at their lunch table for the people responding. Of course, I welcomed it, but the funny thing is that my room wasn't big enough either. You see, their message had spread through our school and over Instagram, and the students came:) My room was overflowing with students missing break to hear more of what was on their hearts, and several of the students I had never even seen before. You can not imagine the happy dancing I was trying to control myself from doing....borderline crazy woman tucked in the back watching:)

I think the lesson is so clear that you don't need a platform or "ministry" position to light the way to His Kingdom. To these children, I am Ms. Frazier their teacher. They don't know the woman who travels calling women to the altar to lay down their pearls or who writes and blogs and minsters to women....."I am just a school teacher" to these children. And I realize it may be the greatest calling that we could be....."just a teacher", He says I  lift up the humble (James 4:10) and to impress His truths on the children (Deut 6), and the joy overflowing from my heart today confirmed this truth. Humble your hearts and teach the little ones! The sad thing is that not only are we missing the importance of impressing His Word on the children, but instead we are leaving the wrong impression....our actions say to them that cheerleading is our priority or baseball or softball or whatever career they choose with dollar signs behind it, is most important. There is NOTHING....not one thing..... more important than these children that will lead their own families and this country to really get really get HIM! And what a place it would be, if we all were so driven to be a teacher of this truth? And why shouldn't we, because it is our calling.......

Go ye and make disciples of all nations= TEACHER. You are the light of the world= TEACHER.

Impress these truths on the children= TEACHER

Sweet friends, may you never take for granted those pouring into the lives of your children, and may they be renewed and refreshed that they are indeed called. May you too realize that you too are called to teach, and you too can make tremendous impact exactly where you faithful with little and He will give you much!!!!  It is a promise:)

It did not end with a Bible study today, either; it ended with spirits multiplied and a true hunger for more. It was like revival in our middle school:) Little matches lighting others, and I stood back watching in awe the harvest of much seeding of His Word, and so very much prayer! Sweet friends, the harvest is ripe!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,