You have to see this...... :)

Oh Sweet Friends, I come to you this day with a heart so overwhelmed with the goodness and the faithfulness of the most loving God! If you follow my fb page, then you heard last night of the revival that is happening in Mississippi. A middle school on fire. A casino with almost 1000  Licensed Practical Nurses dedicating their lives to become LIVING PROOF NURSES! Amen!

He is no doubt commissioning an army of children to infect homes and schools. An army of nurses to go those sick and dying, and be perhaps the only Jesus some people see. The message is so clear; you don't have to move to Africa or Haiti or enroll in seminary to be called. The truth is that He needs you right where you are, and now more than ever! I questioned for weeks, why would you call me to a casino in Biloxi Mississippi to nurses? And the commissioning that He brought to those nurses was so deep and so bold, and unlike I have felt led to speak. They are called indeed! A calling to not be a good nurse or even a great nurse, but a nurse with divine purpose. And you are called, not be a great teacher, but a teacher with Divine Purpose. A calling to not be salesman, but a salesman with Divine Purpose. A coach with Divine Purpose. A doctor with Divine Purpose. A musician with Divine Purpose. A mother with Divine Purpose. A father with Divine Purpose. A leader with Divine Purpose.

Several men and women came to me after the event yesterday to tell me that they could feel my heart when I spoke. The reason they so received what I was commissioning was because the authenticity of my heartbeat they felt (aka Holy Spirit;) They knew that He put me there just for them. They said, I know we are called. And I laid my hands on the heads and I looked into the eyes of at least 300 or 400 saying, "You are called. You are called. Never doubt that you are called." I did this because I have wasted so much of my life questioning the calling....are you sure? Am I hearing you right? Me? How?  I wanted someone to look me in the eyes with confirmation....yes, you are hearing and yes you are called. And I wanted to save them from all of the years that I wasted doubting, because the calling comes with urgency! He needs us NOW!

So today, I pray that through these words that you too feel my heart. May this heartbeat that is so on fire be infectious through these words, so that you too know that you are called. You don't have the same calling as a nurse or a teacher, because we are uniquely called (which is awesome:), but you ARE called to be the light. And certainly you have always ached to know that there is more and you were suppose to do and be more? So now all we do is make that decision to no longer be complacent in what is comfortable or tried, but to step out and be used for Divine Purpose because that is where the fruit is....out on the limb:)

If you are faithful with little, I will give you much!!!! Matt 25:23

If you want to enlarge your territory, start blooming where you are planted. Though my heart was so overwhelmed at the site of close to a 1000 men and women taking a stand yesterday to live with Divine Purpose, I was not prepared for what this would do to my heart this morning over break......



He is raining on us in Mississippi, and I pray that we have started a wildfire!

Thank you Father for Christian Schools!!! So proud to call this school HOME! Pray sweet friends for those that have been called and have taken that step out...May they be covered and protected and may their flame be so rooted that it can not be diminished or contained.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Grip,