Are you willing to go out on a limb?

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 8.11.21 AMHello Sweet Friends, I have so much to share that my heart is a little overwhelmed this morning! It was quite a week last week in my little world.....almost too much to take in with belief. God is so good! I am still in awe! It began with what appeared to be a revival taking place in our middle school. I shared a precious moment on my blog last week of middle school children coming together in prayer, and that moment was tripled on Friday. Yes, tripled! My heart is still dancing:) Our little Bible study began to overflow in to our hallway, and now we are having to move into the gym. A good problem:)

To add to this excitement, we had quite a day in a casino in Biloxi, MS on Wednesday with over a thousand nurses, and then a beautiful yard of women in Louisiana on Saturday. Each day brought forth such fruit in a way that I have never seen. So beautiful to inhale and to witness and to be apart of how deeply He is touching children and men and women each uniquely. The veil is certainly parting and the faces are radiating freedom! Amen! There are so many gems to share, so you can expect a full week, but for today I will try to focus on one thought that I relished in on my way home Saturday. You see, I am so comfortable on a stage in a sanctuary sharing the Gospel or teaching the Word. I love it! I have also gotten rather comfortable meeting you here though it has taken some time, especially when I feel my message will cause friction........sometimes I pray for hours before I hit "publish." :) While I  have come to expect to meet Him in the sanctuary or here with you, this week moved me out of my "comfort zone," and I met Him everywhere it seemed, but where expected.......a school, a casino, in a beautiful yard on a day of great favor. So awesome!

I had to call in the warriors on Wednesday to pray me up asking for courage to deliver the message on my heart for those nurses camped in a casino; it was far from what they expected, but it was the most fruitful event that I have ever done. Hundreds of men and women standing to live for divine purpose. A gift of obedience perhaps? Be bold. Trust in what I have promised, and I will bring fruit! The harvest is ripe!

The beauty of this week is that we were able to touch women and even men that may have wandered from church homes or perhaps have never had one. We went out on the limb, because that is where the fruit is, right? And it stirred up this desire in me to encourage you to to step out of your comfort zone, to trust where he leads, even when it calls for radical obedience. 1 John says that His love is made complete in us as we obey, and Acts 5 says that obedience brings forth the Holy Spirit. And boy can I testify that I have walked this week in obedience with a spirit bolder than I have ever had, and I have harvested a weekend of indescribable joy like I have ever known....His love being made complete and the Holy Spirit moving like never before. Obedience! I have written the Secret of the Pearls in my Sweeteas series of the wisdom passed from Southern mommas to their girls, and now I feel like I hold His secret pearl......He abundantly and lavishly blesses obedience:) Will you trust where He leads you, even when it is unexpected and calls for complete dependence on Him? Will you trust that He is good and He is love and that He wants nothing more than you to bask in His complete love? Will you trust my heart that nothing compares to His gift of obedience and will you release and trust in His perfect plan for your life?


Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro