Are you giving you WHOLE heart?

heartmauiHello Sweet Friends, In the past few months, I have found such a desire to touch our youth. I suppose this is partly because I have spent this past year in "their world," and I see the need more than ever to reach them.  My heart passion is to move this generation to MORE of Him and less of all of these "things" that they have found to fill them.  In effort to be that little voice of encouragement, I have gone where they are...Instagram. As if I have one more second in the day to add one more piece of social media to my life;)Ha!  But it is how many communicate so I go there to reach them, and just last night I posted a picture about who we are in Christ and within minutes received a message from a young girl I tagged....pray for me! We do have to go where they are to reach them, and not to be "creeping" as they call it, but I was looking at their feed  last night seeing who needs prayer, so I can lift by name and my heart was troubled by how freely these young girls give away their hearts. And as women, we do the same.

In case you don't know (because I just learned;), they call it a "selfie" when they take pictures of themselves, and I am looking at these young girls with boys (already!) with tags like #he has my wholeheart! mylife! Mycutie! Myprince! And it saddens my heart, especially for those that I see growing so much spiritually and still handing over their hearts so freely to boys. And how many of us are doing the same, and not just with men, but with our careers or our mommy role or our social status. You see, there is one thing absolutely consistent between the Old and New Testament, and that is that He wants our WHOLE heart, not partial, not some, and certainly not a piece, but the WHOLE thing.

Love me with all that you have and every part of your being (Matt 22:37, Luke 10:27, Mark 12:30, Deut 6:5). It is consistent! And then I love this......Solomon upon dedicating the temple of the Lord says:

Lord, the God of Israel, there is no God like you in heaven above or on earth below—you who keep your covenant of love with your servants who continue wholeheartedly in your way. 1 Kings 8:23

I love this, because He doesn't say just give me your whole heart, but in return I will give you my love. My love that surpasses your knowledge! My love with heights and depths of which you can not comprehend! How often we struggle seeking to hand over our hearts? How often we allow things of this world to fill and dominate what is fully His alone? How many years of our lives we waste seeking to do as we desire, instead of just handing it over?

I would say it has been a struggle in relationships with me, because I can never say to a man you have my heart, because my heart is already taken. I can give you my love, and I promise that my love from God's heart is far greater than any woman that will give you her whole heart. This I promise, because that is what happens when you give God your wholeheart....He fills it with His love and it is infectious and people draw near you and sense it, because it is the only authentic love!

I wonder who or what has your heart? Do you even know? Might I recommend that you print off a calendar of this week and mark every hour of everyday by what you do from exercising, praying, reading, baseball, dance, school etc... And when you see where your hours are most spent, you will know who or what has your heart? I think it is also important to notice here why this is where your heart is, because our heart can sometimes be given over, because we haven't healed from our own wounds? I see this in mothers that overdue for their children and can't miss one game, and have to lead every event at school to cover their missed childhood. They are worn out and stressed out and their kids aren't responsible because mother "overdoes." That would more likely be wounds not God! And sweet friends who are mothers, if you children growing up with only ONE thing that is bound in their soul, and it is that God should have their whole heart then you have done enough! And this is truth, because when we give our whole hearts to God we manifest His fruit: Joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self control, and we live with divine purpose! You could truly do no less if your heart is His!

And could you put a price tag on either? I dare you to hand over your whole heart, and see what He does. I promise you will not be disappointed:)

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Grip, Ro