He pursues you!!!!

Hello sweet friends, Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.11.43 PM I was reading through a few of the parables last night....specifically from Luke 15. While I practically know them by heart now, as usual they hit me afresh.  I  have read of the "Lost Sheep" and how Jesus teaches that He leaves the 99 to go after even the ONE lost sheep. I have read of the celebration upon His return with the lost. I have read of the "Lost Coin" and how the woman who lost her coin looks the WHOLE house over celebrating the same when she finds even the lost ONE. I get it....we should celebrate with great praise when the lost come home.

However, tonight it really spoke to me the idea of Him searching for us.  Have you ever seen this view of the Gospel? He says He leaves the 99 sheep and goes out and looks for even one lost.  If we were the sheep and we were lost, we could possibly be forever lost, and we would certainly be easy prey to a predator with an appetite. So He searches for us...pursuing us when we lose our way. And then in the "Lost Coin," she takes it further and she continues to light a lamp and sweep the entire house until she finds the ONE....searching. His desperate pursual of our hearts is so evident here.

I don't know about you, but I tend to lose things.....especially my car keys?:) I honestly don't know how I continue to do it, but I do know that I have on several occasions searched the entire house trying to find them....once in my freezer, if you can imagine? And I thought of Him searching for us just the same.....some days in panic, some days in distress, some days with hope, some days thinking not again, some days worn out, yet always so excited to find them....to find us!

There was a time about three years ago that I felt lost in big decisions....to the point that the confusion over decisions haulted any movement to the kingdom. And I will never forget how He went out of His way to get me on His path....my trip to Lexington, KY was rerouted to Minnesota, and a woman in Minnesota was sent to Africa so that I would have this one ticket to a sold out event to hear the very words I needed to difuse the confusion....to rewire my thoughts and to be renewed on His path. I mean it was so specific to my need it could only be God!! I felt last weekend that I was sent to Dothan, Alabama for just the same thing....to pull back in a few that were being pulled off of His path...a few who He has much need for in "Kingdom Business!" I looked at one woman in her tearful eyes, and I could hear Him saying, even if she is the only ONE you bring home, it was worth the trip! And that is how He is.....I will send you across the country just for ONE!

I hope you don't miss His desperate pursuit of your heart! I pray that your  spiriutal eyes are awakened to not miss His hand reaching into your life and changing your direction. I saw on pinterest one day a quote that said, "Don't put a question mark where God has put a period!" Sometimes our greatest strife comes from not trusting in what He has promised, and doubting if He will ever show up, instead of holding fast to His promises and abandoning fear. I believe that doubt and fear have stolen far too many of our miracles. And today I ask for you to stand with your heart abandoned believing what He has promised! God is love;)


I ask this day that you renew our faith in who you are! You are the Great I Am! You are the pursuer of our hearts. You are the love our souls long for. You are the breath in our life. Your love keeps searching and drawing us in even we choose to go where we know we should not be. May we stop living in doubt and fear and rejection and be awakened to our authority as your daughters. May we rise up as warrior princess. May we be filled beyond measure with your love. May our lives be prolific. May we never lose sight of the plans you have for us. And may we not miss, while all on this earth, the tastes of Heaven that you offer. Let us see your goodness. Let us trust in your love. Let us be forever changed. Let us radiate your glory like Moses!

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen



Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,