Would you study the love letters of John with me?

lightimageGood morning sweet friends, A few months back we walked through the book of Acts together, and this morning my heart was urging me to do the same with the Epistles of John. My hope is that you never fully rely on the revelations that I find in the Word, but seek your own revelations, and to do that....you HAVE to get in the Word. I had a student that was trying to read  1 John this morning, and he was utterly confused by this book that I simply treasure, so may we do this together the next few days or weeks or as long as we need to, and see if you too see this little treasure almost hidden in the New Testament.

First, 1nd,2nd,and 3rd John were written by the apostle John. John was a man that walked with Jesus and learned from Jesus and saw the miracles of Jesus. The books were written to address the truth of this man that John knew so intimately. During the time it was written, many were claiming that Jesus was just a man and others claiming that He was egotistical and even foolish, but John knew the truth and shares it to shed light into the truth and stand against the false teachings that were plentiful during this time. So much of this book brings us to LOVE which is perhaps why I treasure it so?:)

If you begin 1 John reading 1-4, you simply get that John speaks of what he knows to be true. This is not passed down, but rather he is sharing his first hand encounters with Jesus, and urging us to come together in fellowship returning to the truth. He also speaks of how this act of coming together in fellowship  makes our joy complete. I love that:) Joy complete!

However, today, I want you to camp on verses 5-7, because there is hard but much needed truth here.  God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.

It goes on to say that if we walk in the light that the light purifies us from sin.  Much needed purification! So, we get here in these few verses this idea that if we are living in darkness, we have missed Him, because light and dark do not coexist and God is light. What this says to me is that if we are feeling overwhelmed with darkness...ie, shame, guilt, depression, worry, anxiety, wounds...that we NEED MORE of HIM! It is a classic sign of the need of our SAVIOR! God is light and we NEED light!

John 1:9 says that Jesus came as the true light to give light to everyone. It is for all of us to live in light! All of us!! And when we are aligned with Jesus and full of Him....we radiate that light! (2 Cor 3:18) I am certainly not saying we don't have bad days, but it is a classic sign of the NEED of Jesus when we are living in anything dark. As much as I agree with CHRISTIAN counseling, and even seen it beneficial in my own life, it is not a place to LIVE. Jesus said if you believe, follow me. I have yet to find words confirming that He sent people to camp out in therapy for 10 years before they decided to follow. Yet, so many do just that. I came to set the captives free....so be free and follow me! (Luke 4:18)

It is a choice at some point to walk from darkness. It is a choice to remove yourself from what brings guilt and shame and anger and jealousy to your life, because none are from God. If you are in a relationship that brings any of these things into your life....not God. If you have a habit that brings any of these....not of God. If you are sneaking to do anything...not of GOD!

If your home is not emotionally healthy for your children.....not of God! And if you have taken up the calling of becoming a parent, you must demonstrate the sacrifical love it takes to create a home where the light of the Lord shines for those children to see.....no excuses or exceptions! As I have spent the past few months pouring into children, my heart is so troubled watching so many kids live in conditions which are not fair for children; it is selfish of anyone that has chosen to become a parent to allow it! An unhealthy and emotionally unstable marriage is far worse than a broken home that is full of love, in my opinion, so please don't think just "making it work for the children" is doing anyone any good. I am certainly not for divorce, but I am for parents laying down pride and letting go of bitterness and offering forgiveness and love for the sake of their children. I have prayed with far too many women to change husbands that more than anything just needed to be willing to be the change themselves. Can we come to the place where we stop needing everyone else to change and allow the light of God to shine in us so that we radiate it for all to see and witness and be touched?

May you spend this weekend soaking in the LIGHT!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,