What Gift will you bring?

Lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparation we can easily lose sight of why we stop to partake in this day...Christmas. Even with best intentions to make this year different and somehow more sacred, we often find time creeping up and once again we have lost focus of a moment so precious. Or is it just me?

I spent my Sunday afternoon wrapping because my home was empty of little eyes that always seek to sneak a peak. My husband has been taken captive by this group of Acapella singers Pentatonix and he repeats his favorite of their Christmas songs "Little Drummer Boy" as I wrap. I have to admit it has never been one of my holiday favorites, but this day I let the words seep in and I am moved by this little boy playing with such passion his drums....all I have is this...these drums....but I played my best for Him!

Oh how I treasure those words in my heart! I played my best for Him! I began to ponder why aren't we seeking more what we give back to Him at Christmas than what we purchase to satisfy the desires of others? Perhaps, the three wise men were "wise" because they knew the gift of Him to us, so they came not with hands out but rather with hands full to give. As you wrap up your shopping and take in the carols that seem to saturate the atmosphere, will you begin to ponder your gift for Him. Will you play your drums, or sing with all of your heart? Will you serve or will you love the unlovable? Will you dance or will you be still? Will you hand over your dreams or you busy life? Will you entrust Him with your kids or your finances? Will you say "yes" to His nudging that you have been running from afraid you aren't worthy of such a call? Will you forgive and release so that you can take hold of something more? Will you unplug so He can refuel or so you can make time for those vying for your attention? 

I played my best for Him.

Could we start a Christmas tradition this year where we come into His presence bearing our gifts to the greatest Gift of all before we open even one under the tree? May we never lose sight of the gift that was given so that we might live!

What gift will you bring?

Rochelle FrazierComment