He so loved......

For God so loved.....

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
— John 3:16

A verse that even a nonbeliever can quote, right?

He so loved that He gave .......

The past few days I have heard it like a record playing in my mind.... each day with a slightly different tune......

For God so loved.....wow, how He loves!!!!

For God so loved that.......love birthed something?

For God so loved that He gave......love births a giving spirit, but love is first!

As I meditate on these words,  I see clearly a problem that I had, and I would assume others have shared, in seeking to give without first encountering the LOVE! We are so often tired and overwhelmed and lose our joy in serving, because our love tank is empty. We don't stop for refill.

I believe it was Gary Chapman in "The Five Love Languages" that spoke about the love tank we have in relationships, and I dare to say that we have one with God too. We pour out and pour out until we feel empty and others feel it too despite our efforts to serve.  It loses it's authenticity.  The Martha in us wins!

Perhaps in the story of Martha and Mary this is why He honors Mary for her undivided worship. She sits at His feet leaving duty behind. She will give, but in due time and when she does, oh what a harvest, because the intimacy changes her. And others notice. They feel it.

For God so loved you that He gave His son....it is too much to comprehend His love. But I think the message for today was simply that love is first. We must first love. We must sit with the source of love and encounter the love and then we can give as He needs.

There is a woman at our local car wash that is always so delightful. I saw her walking the other day and I offered her a ride to find she was walking to another job. She tells me that she doesn't have a car, because she chose to leave her life of darkness for a more "peaceful" one and that meant leaving things behind. Hopeful, she will stay the course and God will provide. She believes. And today, I see her at the car wash and she looks unusually tired and she tells me the walking is taking it's toll, but she still seems hopeful that God will provide. And I encourage her and even pray that someone would show up and leave her a car, and how very much I wanted it to be me. I wanted to hand over the keys and walk away;). There was probably a time in my life where I would have thought a woman strange to be walking from job to job even questioned how she got there, but my heart so different now stirs all night praying let me find a way to get her a car. Love truly empowers a giving heart.

God so loved that He gave, and the more we become like Him, we become givers too.

And oh how He needs us to be blessers, because when God shows up in people's lives it is almost always through people.

Can you take the time to soak in His presence and allow His love to refill your love tank so that your life bears fruit of where you spend your time?

We had lunch on Sunday with a pastor who paid for a single mom's lunch at a table near us, and as we left the waitress came out and hugged him. He's not your typical pastor and she had no idea, but it moved her. She said, "I just have to hug you!" Giving doesn't just impact the one being given too, but all those watching.

This Friday may our hearts be generous to those we love and those we have never met. May we be the Jesus someone sees this day! May we prioritize time with the Blesser so that our lives become blessings!

In His Wings,


Rochelle FrazierComment