Just Because it is TRUE doesn't make it the TRUTH

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I was listening to "The Art of Brilliant Thinking" by Graham Cooke this week, and I had to marinate on this one.....

Just because it is true doesn’t make it the TRUTH
— Graham Cooke

And then I begin speaking to a dear friend that was concerned about her daughter......a beautiful young woman crippled by her truth not HIS. Life had been hard. Mistakes made and the roots evident, and it was taking a tragic toll on this precious life and I said to her mother....

Do you love her? With tears she immediately said, "Yes, with all of me!" My reply, "So does He!"

If we in our imperfection could love our children in spite of all and through all, why would we expect the perfect Father to be any different? The TRUTH that you may need to set you FREE, sweet friends is that HE IS LOVE!

I don't know what is true about you and your circumstances, but I do know the

TRUTH, and it says we are FREE,

we are washed white as snow, forgiven, deeply loved, relentlessly pursued!

Isn't it about time we start aligning to the TRUTH!
If our lives hadn't been such a mess, we wouldn't have needed the Great Messenger to Hand Deliver us, but aren't we glad He did? Because now I know Him, and when you know Him, you will love Him!