What does it mean...TETELESTI?

Susan Brown, Dalton, Georgia

Susan Brown, Dalton, Georgia

I was driving to Nashville a few years ago to meet about an event in Dalton, Georgia. My friend Susan requested that I detour to this charming town of Franklin to meet her at a hidden treasure she had found called “TETELESTI.” We share this crazy passion for the “Word” and I remember the excitement in her voice as she tells me that it is everywhere….on pillows, and boards, and walls, and boxes. A detour with Susan usually means all day, and we were on a tight schedule but she insisted and I went.

The word of God saturated the space and you could feel it. I was taken by this word on a pillow that bared the name of the store, and though I was feasting on my favorites...One Great Love from Zeph 3:18 or Beauty from Ashes or For I know the plans, I kept being drawn back to this one word - TETELESTI.

The store owner seeing my intrigue shares with me that it was the last word spoken by Jesus on the Cross….our translation “It is Finished!”  Wow! Yes the word should do something to you, but there was more so I bought the pillow "TETELESTI", of course:)

When I returned home, I begin to dive in trying to explain the reason why this word was stirring in my spirit so. And then I see it…..as the words were spoken

“it is finished” the veil was torn.

One of my clinging verse had been

(But the veil of Moses remains. )But when you turn, the veil would be removed, the spirit of the Lord would come and there would be FREEDOM!

2 Corinthians 3:16-18

By now my heart is pounding with excitement that I may have found something as it does when I am in study mode. So I end up in Exodus 34 where I find  the veil of Moses. A veil he wore because after encountering God he began to radiate and that heavenly glow didn’t sit well with the Israelites. Like many of us, we fear what we can’t explain or don’t know and they did, and so instead of basking in the radiance they hid it.

When Moses left the people to go back up on the mountain to meet with God,  the people began worshiping false gods. God realizing that they couldn’t remain faithful without visible presence instructs Moses to build a temple where He may rest His presence. He gave very explicit instructions on how the temple was to be built down to the layout, fabrics and colors, and the presence of God would be separated from the people by a VEIL  in a room called Holy of Holies.

Once a year the high priest could enter the where the presence rest, and ask for the atonement of the people’s sins, but otherwise one step in meant death.

The  temple of Moses later becomes a permanent fixture double the size with King Solomon, and again, the presence of God remains hidden and set apart for the one high priest by a VEIL.

So fast forward to the death of Jesus and the words TETELESTI, it says after the words were spoken the grounds shook, the dead raised and the veil was torn.

My husband explains the Gospel like this….God hated sin, but God loved You and when what God hated got into what God loved, He became what He hated to get back what He loved.

You may have to read that a few times:) So His death was to nail the hold of sin over us to the cross to pay the price so that we could be FREE!  
His mission statement from Isaiah 61.......

I have come to set the captives Free! Now, It is finished! You are FREE!

So we are FREE from the power of sin over us, and we are FREE to partake in His presence. The veil separating Him from us now removed.

But back to my original clinging verse….

The veil remains until we TURN…...then the spirit of the Lord comes and where the spirit is there is freedom, and we then begin to radiate the glory of God even greater than Moses.

Many people fear the word REPENT, but simply it means that we TURN. We turn from the things that bind us captive and choose to allow the presence of God to do an internal restoration, so we become more like He intended when He made us….In His Own Image.

Sweet friends,

By the cross, you have been set free. Isn't it time we start living like it?


Susan now has her own store....GRACE 251, Dalton, GEORGIA! A store that is infused with His Word, and a place of prayer for many!!!

Susan now has her own store....GRACE 251, Dalton, GEORGIA! A store that is infused with His Word, and a place of prayer for many!!!

In His Wings,

Rochelle FrazierComment