Are you lost in comparison?

There comes a time when everything speaks to you in a new language from a new lens. The little things that once went unnoticed become messages to guide our path forward with a greater appreciation than before.

I was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama last weekend with a bunch of girls seeking the call for FREEDOM! This precious woman, Kim, opened up her home to 24 high school girls, mommas and mentors to come from Mississippi, Auburn and Dothan to hear a message that we hoped they would take home with them.....

the taste of freedom is so good! Taste it too! :)

Kim's story is one of great loss from Katrina, but a picture of tremendous restoration as her family moved from the Mississippi coast to the lakes of Alabama doubly blessed. As she rebuilt, she covered the studs of her new home with His promises believing that their home would be a haven for those needing shelter like she once did. Kim had no idea that it would be more than a shelter, but a place of retreat for those seeking to experience God. And I have been so blessed to see this with my own eyes.......  her home is a place where the spirit of God rest! Lives are changed there!

Our caravan of girls arrived late so you couldn't really appreciate the view of her property, but as you woke to the sun crossing over the lake into her kitchen your breath was just taken away! A site to behold and even high school and college girls were drawn into it. And I could see the wishes coming from their have this place.

And almost instantaneously I heard....

I blessed her this way, because I knew how she would use it. Just as I have blessed you.

No, I don't have her home, but I knew what He was speaking and that it was to be shared with these girls. We struggle as women, even as girls, with comparing. He gave her this home, because He knew that she would put 24 beds wall to wall if she had to, so that she could fit as many as she could to find shelter or seek Jesus.  He knows her heart and He knew she would use it. He gave me a voice to speak, because He knew I too would use it.

And it had me thinking....our blessings are both needed though very differently and we must stop comparing and start using what ever it may be to His glory.

With this being said, I wonder if you are fully using what He has gifted you with or are you like many caught in the comparison trap wasting precious moments dreaming of having someone's blessing while your own goes uncelebrated? 

I encourage you today to seek to be thankful for how He has blessed you uniquely, and celebrate the blessings of others so that together we might advance the Kingdom for the glory of the Father.

What I also loved about sharing her home with these girls was that it showed too a lavish God that blesses His people. Contrary to the beliefs of some, we don't have to put on Jesus sandals and eat locust and honey to be used today like John was , but we can take what we have an offer it up to be used.  I just believe in a God that is lavish in His giving back, and I believe when you can celebrate the blessings of others rather than compare, He honors that heart generously and abundantly!

Nothing blesses my heart more than seeing young people on fire for Jesus!!!

In His Wings,

Rochelle FrazierComment