A great love story....

As a little girl, I was drawn to the church. If the doors were open, you could find me there. Even on those mornings that my parents couldn't go, I would. I was only 7, but He was drawing me even then.

My neighbor, Mr Frank, was an older gentleman that I treasured dearly. He would walk to the church at the corner of our street and I would follow suit. Oh, how I loved being in God's house!

I sang songs like "Jesus loves me" like nobody's business and I probably walked the isle every year at summer camp asking Jesus if He was still in my heart?? I seemed desperately devoted.

Looking at me, you would  have thought that I loved Him with a crazy love, but truthfully I don't even know if we in our own ability are capable? For those of us in the South, church is just part of life. You go. You pray. You believe. Though we never really think deeply about...

What do you really believe?

So about ten years ago, I was doing a Bible study that boldly approached this subject...Do you really love Him? Do you even know how? What does love look like? Open your calendar and look at where you time is spent versus your time with Him, and it should reveal the things you love or are driven by.

Digesting the hard truth, I admitted......I don't love Him? I don't even know how?

I began to pray, "Give me a heart to love you above all things!"

I knew it was nothing in my own power I could do because I had tried with all of me to no avail, so I surrendered. He says,

Ask and it shall be given, right?

Out of desperation, I asked, "Show me how." And over time, I found myself returning to Love...the one great love that showers over you in song and encamps His angel around you and I found that nothing could separate me from that love. Nothing I had nor will ever do, could take His love from me. He promised! And I began to take those promises to heart.

And I call myself a fruitcake now, because I love to worship, and I weep reading scripture some days, and I can not live without Him in my life. My thoughts race with Him in them.....I'm like a "God Chaser" I look to be in His presence if it means sleepless nights to hit Bethel Worship or Kari Jobe. The things I would have done to be near a man I would now do for a moment in His presence.

To get here, it took a hard look in the mirror mask removed to say, " I don't! But I want too!"

Sunday morning, He spoke to my heart that some were lost in the tragedy of Friday and missing the love story that led to it. And to Him that was an even greater tragedy. He didn't just do it...

He did for love! It is a love story. He is relentless in His love for you!

And if you have missed this, I pray you will in your own words offer up the request for a new heart. If you know my story, you may want to ask for a "spiritual" heart transplant, because I literally almost needed a physical one, but it was a prayer He answered!!!

Nothing compares to joy of truly knowing Him. And when you know Him, you can't help but love Him!

Oh how He loves you and me,


Rochelle FrazierComment