A message of Freedom!

I love love dearly love Kari Jobe! So it was such a treat to worship with her last night in Mobile, but for so much more than pure worship.....though that alone is enough!!!:)

For the past six months, I have felt so led to return to speaking to the power of the cross, the need to be unveiled and the truth that we are FREE! A burning desire to free the captives has consumed me since October, so you can imagine my delight as I get to her booth and find one word on her tshirt......


photo 1.JPG

And then she passionately and almost tearfully speaks to the power  of the cross and the role of the tearing of the veil that brought us into His presence.....yes!  I am just overwhelmed knowing that He is speaking to many of us this same messages of the cross, unveiling and of setting people free which speaks to my soul.....



With this being said, I encourage you to press in now like never before.... you were called to be FREE and He is just waiting for you to turn, so that He can remove the veil and unleash the spirit that brings FREEDOM! (2 Corinthians 3:16-18) And your life will begin to radiate His glory!

I love when God confirms what He is doing.....my hope wells up....FREEDOM reigns!

I would also like to share another pearl from last night with Kari. A young girl asked her before the show what her favorite song she has written is, and I was surprised as she said the song of hers I love most ..... "I know that you are for me!"  I would have never guessed that this particular song would be her own personal choice, because I know what it means to me and it is a song that I sing in my struggle. When I find myself on my knees, I hear her words....I know that you are for me! And knowing the heart beat of this song, I can imagine it is hers as well. I think it is important that you know that life on this journey is not promised to be one with whipped cream and cherries on top ( though there are those days...praise God!), but some days we worship through tears and even though we don't understand. And sometimes it is  in the waves rising that truly make us more fully aware of His presence in our lives.....when we think we can't stand, but then we do.

Sweet friends, know that you can trust that

He is for us, and nothing can separate us from His love!

Know that even speakers and worship leaders live seasons on our knees.  I can honestly say that what HE has birthed in me through seasons on my knees has always been worth it!

Thank you Father for precious friends that drive for hours to get their praise on with you!

Thank you Father for precious friends that drive for hours to get their praise on with you!