Called to be FREE!

I stand in awe of what God is doing before my very eyes..... A new thing! For the past several years, I have sought with great passion to share what He has done in my life....

He is real. He is love! There is FREEDOM! Too many have missed it!

A desperate need to be rewired to what His LOVE can do to free us from the very things that enslave us is evident. I have prayed the words of 2 Corinthians as I approached each event.....

The veil of Moses remains, but when you turn, He will remove the veil. The spirit would come and where the spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM!
— 3:16-17

On my knees I have pleaded Father....unveil them! Unveil them as you have done to this little one. Let them taste and see your goodness and free them as you gave your son's life so that we might be free!

And I saw it....women becoming unveiled to MORE! Lives realigned to a greater purpose.

But now, I see something even more......I see FREEDOM! I receive letters of Freedom and almost hear the sound of chains falling off of women as we come together praying to be set FREE!

Where the spirit of the LORD is there is FREEDOM!!!!!

I share this with you today, because my heart is so burdened for young girls. Having walked through a year in middle school last year, I have seen girls struggle like I would never have imagined. How can they carry such struggle in 7th grade? How can even 12 year olds buy into such lies? I can't even imagine what is going through the mind of an 18 year old, if this is the struggle of such young girls. They mask and they stuff and they cut and they sell out and give away all that is sacred just to feel ENOUGH!

This weekend I will speak to teens and college girls in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at an event

"Called to be Free!"

I share this with you today, because I don't believe it is a one time event. I believe it is a message that is to be taken to every college town in this country. You are FREE!

We must, as women, make it our priority to raise up a new generation of girls who live in FREEDOM! And it is harder now than most of us can conceive.

I encourage you, if you are anywhere near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to come. Bring girls with you and ministry leaders with you, so that you can be the flame that goes back to your town and says....I want our girls FREE too!

It is a message that needs to sweep across the high school and middle school campuses of America! It is time we put our "if and when" list aside and choose NOW to be the light of HOPE for a new generation that don't live in bondage but embrace truth and live FREE!

Will you make space this weekend to leave an impression?

These girls need us desperately!

Perhaps you aren't close.....will you begin praying about your town and city and school? Will you seek divine provision and wisdom to start a movement in your city?  I'm taking girls with me, and I pray you will join us!!!!


In His Wings,