Childlike faith......or more?

I vividly recall being a young girl and beginning to question the little things that brought "magic" and wonder into my life like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I remember the struggle of thinking I was too big to believe in such things, but yet an equally constant desire to not release what brought such anticipation.

It never failed that my mom would always toss out the comment to my brother and I on Christmas Eve..... I sure hope you really believe, because if you don't, I hate for you to wake up to nothing.

And we would emphatically try to convince her that we believed. Yes, we believe! I don't know if we feared more if we were wrong, or if she was bold enough to make a point?  Either way, we would go to sleep believing.

I spent this weekend with a group of young girls....teens, high school and college girls at an event "Called to be Free!," and I was reminded of this childhood belief as I watched them interact. Could this belief birthed out of fear of losing something reveal a little of our faith? As a child, I fell asleep debating with myself, If I don't believe and I am wrong then I wake to nothing. So why not believe, right?

And I felt the Lord just burden me with this similar feeling about their faith. I will believe just enough to protect myself from missing out on heaven. I'll slide right in the gates, perhaps barely, but I will believe enough to make it in and spare myself of what we all know H E double hockey sticks!!!!

And I began to think that there are probably many that feel the same.....we believe not because we want the glory of the Lord to manifest in our lives, but because we fear what happens if we don't believe.

It grieves my heart to digest such thoughts........

The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
— Matthew 3:2

More than once Jesus speaks of the Kingdom being near. It is here and now to be partaken in. There is a life that you can feel and taste and see with new eyes. A life unveiled to something more filling than anything this world offers beckons us, yet far too many have settled for just getting by and believing they can slide right in.

Perhaps some teachers have convinced us that the God that we read of, is not the same God of today, but I disagree..... He is the same now and forever! And He pursues us and loves us and is lavish in gifting us and breathes life into dry and weary bones. He offers freedom and fullness and unmeasurable joy.

We must change the way we think, sweet friends. It is time we stop being wilderness wonders just getting by, and time that we seek passionately a land promised.... a life of fullness. A kingdom life can be lived here, this I speak from experience.


When you seek me with your whole heart, I will be found.
— Jeremiah 29:13-14

Don't get to the end and find that you missed out on the blessings of life to be lived here and now. Seek with your whole heart! It will be worth it!

In His Wings,