Choose Happy......dare you?

Hello Sweet friends,

I have been journeying on this "100 days of Happy" dare the past week, as some of you know from my Facebook post. But for those of you who don't,  it had quite an interesting beginning.  It was like asking for patience......the moment I accepted the challenge, the test began.

I was quite confident,

"of course, I can be happy for 100 days!"

And then, I pull down my mirror in the car to put on my lips and realize...there are lines creeping up and down my lips. Have I arrived at this place? Almost's here! It hasn't really bothered me until this moment and "wham" the thoughts of hitting this milestone all of a sudden begin to pounce.

Be grateful! Be grateful! Be grateful!

And then, AT&T loses our internet order for our new house, if you can imagine, and I spend 4 hours on the phone to be transferred to 4 recordings and 5 different people that say they don't service our area....but they do.....and then they don't. And then another recording.....

So that I can better direct your call, please describe why you are calling?


You said, billing, correct?

 Lord, I am loosing my "happy" very quickly! Ten days disconnected for a person that works basically off of the internet feels a little like a tragedy. Help!!! I brace myself for living at the local hotspot for the week, and then a storm comes through our town that night, and almost every place I go is ....yes, disconnected???? In 2014, no internet? A forced fast as my friend called it, I suppose?

And the week kind of went like that....just as it was making a turn, I tipped my coffee cup over on my vanity and what I thought was a sip of coffee some how went down the drawers and on to the floor. Coffee everywhere! I peek into the drawers hoping we are was only a sip....and yes, I find coffee all over my t-shirts.....seriously, this much damage from a sip???

But I am determined to do this. I can choose joy, and I am really a happy person, before the dare at least. :) And I do know that we have so much to be grateful for.....attitude check! I begin to lecture myself .....

Children are starving across the world, be thankful you have coffee to spill, because that morning you needed it! And thank Him for those lines, because 39 has been so much better than 29, and for the person who made cream for those lines too, so that you don't have to look forty but fight it every step of the way! Ha:) The lines mean character too, right?

So I ultimately failed miserably and had to start over on my days, so I am about day 3 when it finally does take a turn.  I get to spend lunch with a childhood friend which doesn't happen near as much as I need, but today I am so grateful!

Thank you Jesus for girlfriends!  We both grew up in this one red light little bitty town in Mississippi charmingly named Magnolia, assuming because there is an old Magnolia on just about every corner and many in between. And Magnolia becomes a part of you too.  I almost rescheduled my wedding when I realized that Magnolias weren't in bloom in July, and heaven forbid you have a wedding in the summer without the sweet smell of Magnolias. And I named my son Jackson, because I had a crazy obsession with Steal Magnolias and the leading man was, of course, Jackson Landry Junior. And we had the most precious southern woman that was like the host of the town that opened her home to most every bridal party, shower and brunch serving not mimosas, but "magnolias"....she inserted pineapple juice for was perfectly sweet and with a cherry for presentation. Small town memories...HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!

We meet at the family clinic in Magnolia and most every one there knows you and your momma and most probably your grandmother too. And they retell stories of us, and we do the same. I had forgotten about how we would chase fireflies through the town, and keep them in our mom's mason jars. I can't tell you the last time I even saw one, but back then they were everywhere. Have they gone away or do we just pass them by?

We played our version of hide and seek through about four blocks of neighborhood, but we called it Fox and the Hound. We would howl like hound dogs running through the night. It was safe and we stayed out until the street lights came on, and it was time to go home for dinner. My how technology has changed what brings joy to children today.

Our reminiscing continues, and she confesses to those sharing in our conversation that I was the "good" one of the clan staying out of trouble, and she was more daring and just to ruffle the bow on the top of my obnoxiously high ponytail, she would call into the dedication radio show (remember those:) and dedicate songs from me to the boys at our rival school .....To Peter from Rochelle .... And it was never a simple innocent song, but one that would make you blush and vow to never be seen again in public. I laugh now, but oh I was mortified to be alive back then. We must have been in junior high, and we really didn't like boys because they were still kind of gross how that has changed too!!

So the happy dare thus far has brought me to this thought....

Why don't we stop to make more memories?

Why do we allow the busyness of everything in our lives steal the precious moments that will out live the thing that most consumes us in this moment?

In our effort to give everything to children today, have we taken from them the moments that awaken their precious little souls to know joy?

I noticed how the greatest memories come from enjoying relationships and the simple things like swinging off the creek banks and chasing fireflies and climbing old magnolia trees to smell those budding! Perhaps this is why my technology got shut down, because He was saying I'm not found there, but come outside and take delight in the simple things I created to bring joy to your life....little moments!

Laughter is indeed good medicine, and I am thankful to Lisa who dared me to be HAPPY for 100 days!

In His Wings,