Coming against FEAR!

I was praying for my daughter, Holland Rose, a few weeks ago. She is edging on 13 and her roller-coaster of emotions were sending me to the edge. Some days, she is the most precious heavenly sent angel, and on others I have no idea who is looking back at me…...where is that sweetheart of mine? My friend Becky says remember Ro you are the one who said.....

He set eternity in our hearts. Ecclesiastes 3:11

In attempt to explain to women that our hearts yearn for a love never to be met by this earth, I have used this verse....our hearts have tasted eternity and they are restless for something more. But Becky says, "If eternity is in her heart, then so is He!" She has survived the teen years with her own with stickies reminding her on coffee pots and doors and widows that .....

Her heart is kind! Because eternity is in there...somewhere?:)

So I pray for her heart-burdened with this thought that she battles insecurity, and I plead for guidance......

How do I pray for her? What do I pray against? And as I seek His voice the words come from 2 Timothy…I did not give her a spirit of FEAR!


So I begin to pray against a spirit of FEAR! It has no authority here in our home, in her room, in our lives….I bind it and break it before the throne, because He says we have power to bind…

Whatever is bond on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.
— Matthew 18:18

So I bind up the spirit of fear and I begin to loose a bold spirit, a confident spirit, a spirit of accepting who she is in Christ, a spirit of fullness and love!

As I begin warring up for my daughter day by day these past few weeks, I find the theme consistent...whether I am at an event with hundreds or a coffee shop with one….the spirit of FEAR is attacking us all.

Fear of failing. Fear of not being enough. Fear of what other’s think. Fear of missing it. Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of rejection of abandonment or betrayal. (Big one..fear of betrayal.) Fear of trusting God will show up. Fear of trusting period. Fear of releasing. Fear of falling short of what God called us to be. Fear of failing as a parent. Fear of always being alone. FEAR. FEAR. FEAR.

So I decide, it is time we war against FEAR....again;)

And this is what I believe and have seen from my own experience.

The Word of God spoken ALOUD has power.

Praying with the Word is powerful.

Believing in what you are professing is powerful!

So, this week and perhaps this whole month we are going to speak boldly and loudly against the spirit of FEAR and believe for a renewed spirit of COURAGE!

I am working on a Pinterest Board "Becoming Fearless!" You can copy and past scriptures and declarations from there, and I encourage you to speak them aloud believing that God can take fear and give us a spirit of COURAGE everyday and through the day!

Perhaps you may want to share these with friends, because sisters, fear is keeping too many of us out of our promised land and He promises life that is FULL!!!!



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