Do something.....

I have a burden for my city....... I think sometimes when you stay put for too long you become immune to the things that should raise questions or get under you skin.  So with me coming home after being gone 18 years, there are things that use to fit that don't seem to settle well anymore.

I am sure there are other cities like ours where you see too much poverty and's effects are multiplying and now eroding our school systems. Many are working multiple jobs and still barely getting by???? Hurting!  And we complain....someone should do something about this! Someone else usually.

A judgmental religious spirit still lingers that leaves about 85% of our community unchurched in the Bible belt....go figure? People run from the church instead of too it.....

You still see racism and it goes both ways. It grieves my heart.....

There are great things about our city, don't get me wrong. Some of the sweetest people you will ever meet live here. Some of the best food will be found, but not usually dining but rather fellow shipping with family or friends. We do that well! Drs still make house calls of sorts, and I have seen the most compassionate spirit of people I have only known for months working with hospice. Our community is a place I so enjoyed growing up in, and a place my spirit longs to see God move in!

We have been praying for the past 2 years for revival in our city, and a woman I spoke with earlier this week said, "We have prayed for so long!" And you can hear in her voice that she was losing hope. Then the Spirit nudged me....perhaps you should stop praying and listen to what He is leading you to do. Go ye......He did say? I could hear the words of Matthew West....He did something, He sent YOU! Now it is time to go DO SOMETHING!

After His resurrection, Jesus told the disciples that He would leave so that the spirit would come and greater things could be done. So they gathered in the upper room and waited. But when the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them they begin to MOVE. Revival was flowing out from within a great power!

Have we been waiting to long? We have the same power, right? The power that raised Christ from the dead is within us now. We just have to start taping into the source or perhaps decide....I am going to


So we have decided to fight for our city. We are calling it the 601 Gathering where we meet and pray and vision cast for solutions to the things that keep us from being a city of prosperity and abundance. We seek to bring all churches together to reach the lost. We will bless our marketplace and we will fight for children in school systems who may not have anyone to fight for them.

And it is exciting, because everyday I meet someone new that have the same heart beat and passion to see change in our city. It says to me that He is putting it on the hearts of an army to raise up to unleash the heavenly aroma that could change the atmosphere here....UNITY, PEACE, PROSPERITY, LOVE, HOPE, GENEROSITY, FREEDOM!!!

I challenge you to ponder through this most sacred time.........are we missing the power of what happened at the cross?

Because of the cross, WE ARE FREE! And when you truly get this, I am not sure how you could be content knowing even one was still enslaved!

May we intune our ears to the whisper guiding us.

May we be bold to stand believing in the POWER within us.

May we surrender to be used for the greater good of the Kingdom.

Sunday is coming............

601 Gathering - Pike County Little Theater- McComb- 7pm




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