Do we fear, because we don't know LOVE?

It has been a beautiful weekend here in Mississippi, and much needed after a week of unsettling weather that left a very visible path of destruction for many. I lifted them up in prayer as I sat in my back yard taking in the signs that summer is near....magnolias are blooming, the sound of  children splashing echoed from the neighbor's yard, and my knees tinged pink from my position reading in the sun. Perfectly warm.....I love this time of the year!

So I sat and I read continuing my rewiring process, and I kept going back to Easter Sunday and the words spoken that have moved me since......

We were speaking with a man about sowing into the lives of other men, and he was telling us that one of the fellows he was seeking to speak into had 4 children and one on the way, all by the same woman, but not his wife. The man asked why they weren't married and he replied, "I'm keeping my options open."  (I am completely serious!) My heart ached for the woman as I am sure yours is in just in reading desperate to stay with a man and continue to have his children knowing that he wouldn't commit. How lonely that must be?

When we were alone,  I told Todd how that grieved my heart, and I emphatically told him that I would never want to beg a man to love me. I would never beg you to love me; I want to be with you, because I know that you don't want to live with out me.

And then I heard the do I!

So do I.

The three little words that have washed me the past few weeks.

Our Eternal Husband doesn't want to beg for our love....He desires us to not want to live without Him.

I find myself whispering back ....I couldn't live without You. I couldn't live without You!

Part of my rewiring process has been to see God as love. To feel that love. To believe and trust and have unshakeable faith in His goodness. To lay down all of my efforts to be more like Him, and rest in His ability to change me as He so desires.

He is love. His perfect love cast out FEAR! ! Perhaps, we fear, because we haven't fully encountered and abided in His love?

Can you truly offer up the words to your Eternal Husband...I couldn't live without you? My challenge for you, if you can't, would be to seek it! Seek to know His love....feel it, taste it, moved by it, trust it.

It's okay to realize that we may be missing something. I actually believe it's more dangerous to be misled to think that we are "good" when we truly are not. It's okay to hit your knees and say,

I need you! I want to love you! Show me! Give me passion for You and the things that touch Your heart Father!

And instead of believing you NEED to love God because you should, simply seek it out of response to His words.....

I have tasted and seen the sweetest of fare....but nothing comes close to your presence Lord!

In His Wings,