Loved By Another Man : Part 2

Yesterday, I shared the story of Jacob and his wives Leah and Rachel found in Genesis 29. This story touched my heart and I felt it was so relevant to the struggle of women today.

My hope in sharing it is to hopefully allow us to realign our identity to the Truth and hand over our “ugly” to the One that makes all things beautiful.

If you didn’t read my previous post, I suggest you go back so that you fully understand the message in today’s post. As I shared, Rachel was the beautiful, younger wife that held Jacob’s affections while Leah, the less attractive older sister, cried out to be noticed, to be seen and heard.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Leah, even in her state of feeling “unloved”,  gives birth to four sons. The names she gives each son reveals the state of her heart, as well as, the heart of the Father towards her.  Today, I want to focus on the first three sons and what their names represent.

When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, he opened her womb.”
— Genesis 29:31

She would name this child Reuben which means “He has seen my misery.”

So much of the rewiring in my own mind and heart has been to see God as a God of LOVE. Once you see Him through eyes of love, you begin to see His theme of love is evident from Genesis to Revelation. He was even love before the cross as He gave promises and blessings unto His people even when they were manipulating, or turning or denying. He loved Leah and it hurt His heart to see her unloved so He opened her womb. He did see her misery.

You need to know today that God sees. Even more, you need to know that He cares. He saw she was unloved and He opened her womb. He heard the heart cry of His beloved and blessed her with a child that would love her unlike her husband. Perhaps He thought she would turn her affection toward Him not “him” and see the gift of the son, but rather she longed to be loved by Jacob.

Her focus wasn’t on the blessing but on what was missing.

Leah thought the child would move Jacob to love her, but her longing fails to be noticed by man. She continued to put her hope in Jacob’s love and soon had another child. This time she said that God heard her and she named her son Simeon, which means “One who hears.”

You may be looking for hope today, and you may simply need to be reminded today that God hears. It’s never too trivial to ask for this one thing, and like Leah He hears you and cares about the desires of your heart.. In fact, He put them there. Will you ask?

But again, instead of turning to God’s affection and approval knowing that He sees and hears, she longed still for Jacob’s attention. Not long after she has another son. This son would be called Levi, which means, “being attached”. His name signifies Leah’s hope that with her seed she would be connected to her husband. But instead of affection, she received rejection. Ever been there, ladies?

“Surely this time my husband will feel affection for me, since I have given him three sons.” Genesis 29:34

The third time doesn’t turn out to be the charm for Leah. Leah longed to be loved, and God never says she was wrong for that desire. Instead He responds to her hurt and offered a different love. A love that little boys have for their mommas and His never failing love.

It is evident to me as I read her story that Leah focused so much on what she was missing that she wasn’t seeing her blessing. I’ll admit, that I too have found myself in Leah’s shoes.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were struggling with all of the little things that keep coming up financially. Todd and I are both double-timing it right now because we had our own agenda of how we could use extra money. Then we realized there is no extra money, because we needed a car fixed, a new set of tires, two sets of know where I am going. I became frustrated, and I didn’t understand why. And then we stopped and refocused our thinking back to the goodness of God. He knew that we would have these needs and instead of complaining that we don’t have that extra money to do the things we hoped for, we can be thankful that we had the money to cover the things that had come up. It was amazing how our attitudes shifted and our heads lifted when we stopped and focused on the blessing.

Before I bring the crescendo to Leah’s story in my next post, I want you to meditate on this thought....

Am I so focused on what I am missing that I have missed out on my blessing?

If you look through the lens of a good God, can you see a blessing instead of what may be missing?

Dare to believe in His goodness!

In His Wings,