I speak against the Fear of my PAST!

Hello Sweet Friends,

I continue to unpack roots of fear, and the more I unpack, the more I see roots everywhere. Yesterday, I spoke to fear that births from falling for Satan's bait. He is notorious for messing with our heads and enslaving us to his lies like I'm not enough!

And today, I seek to uncover FEAR that stems from lies spoken into us, perhaps from well intentioned people, but lies none the less.

I am not casting blame, because I know that we pass down what we know, and unfortunately too many pass down only what they know which looks more like the Pharisees that missed the grace of Jesus that would usher us into His presence, and chose rather the law that keeps us imprisoned to the very thing Jesus came to save us from.

In attempt to keep the law, they judge, even unknowingly, instead of loving, and that judgement is like a knife to the already wounded instead of a healing ointment to the hurting as Jesus intended. So we become paralyzed by fear of our past and the belief that we could never measure up.....my tiara is too tarnished. Why even try?

A perfect example.....

I was sharing my heart with a woman the other day about how experiencing God's grace has given me new lens to see others through His eyes not the lens of judgement I confess I once used. How differently you see when you seek to see as He does!  And she whole heartedly agreed that she too had become a woman of grace, because she didn't look down upon those divorced anymore, because she assumed they weren't Christian when they got divorced. It was all I could do to pray internally and to hold tight my lips that wanted to proclaim the truth....you can love Jesus and be broken, you can love Jesus and still go through loss and even divorce. And the woman with me was divorced and I my stomach turned for her, because I know several years back that that statement alone would have sent me to the pit. She thinks I wasn't a Christian.....but thank you Jesus I don't need validation from any one person that I am a Christian. As a matter of fact, it seems to be the broken needing Him so desperately that truly find the love of Christ that can even comprehend the words of the forgiven........may you comprehend the heights and depths of His love that surpasses our understanding.

I saw a post one day that says if you keep looking in the rear view mirror, you will miss what is right in front of you.

And might I add, what is in front of you is this......


Beauty from ashes

Praise for despair

Joy for Mourning

White as Snow

The truth is that if we are to model Jesus, then we do what HE did.

He stood with the woman caught in adultery and said ....you without sin cast the first stone.

He sat and had the longest recorded conversation with a woman who had five husbands. He took time for her and he welcomed her......come and drink.

He delivered Mary Magdalene from what was tormenting her and did not cast her away as if she were too broken, but included her in His following and she was there at the cross and the first one He spoke to when He revealed His resurrected self.

Someone's past never kept them from encountering Jesus, but the encounter always altered their life.

She left to sin no more.

She left the well and immediately went into the city telling of what He had done.

She followed Him to the cross.

Those who have been forgiven much love much.
— Luke 7:47

You see we give the words of fleshly people to much power, even precedence unknowingly over His word and we allow fear from our past to take root, but His word is good, and you have nothing in your past to fear or hide or be ashamed of, because when we come into Christ we are made NEW!


May you erase from our minds the lies that entangle us. Will you give us wisdom to discern what voices to receive and what voices to reject. May we recognize your voice full of truth and life and edifying and for it's loving nature and rest in that voice. Will you help use our authority to turn off other voices. Renew our minds, Father. Make us more like you. Let us see us as you see us. Make us courageous! Give us boldness to get uncomfortable for Your glory! Make us whole! Crucify our flesh that we may live more fully with your Spirit indwelling! We love you! Oh how thankful we are for the cross and that we live in a a new covenant of Grace and love and mercy.

We believe Father in all of your promises and we call down the Kingdom of Heaven to this earth. The bride says, "Come!" 
In the Name of Jesus,


In His Wings,