Is your heart longing to simply be present?

It was Monday and my evening calendar was empty as well as my home, which is a rare occasion with seven of us. The children were gone, Todd had a meeting and I was actually looking forward to a night of catch up. I try in my best effort not to work much at night when our home is full of voices calling out for my attention. As a result, my to do list was growing and the site of it made me weary. Where do you even begin?

While traveling out of town the previous weekend, I had sensed a woman from my small group was feeling isolated and needing friendship beyond our occasional text. There are times when a text knowing someone is thinking of you, especially when you are in need, will change your day. However, there are times when no form of technology can touch the need of our spirits to be connected. Sometimes, we need presence more than anything. 

The battle waged in my mind to tackle my list or to push things aside and be present for someone in need. As I sat discerning how to spend this night with my empty home, another name came to my heart and then another. I sensed loneliness was lurking among us, but interestingly, the women weren’t really connected to each other. They were all women woven into my life over this past year each for different reasons. I sensed the need to be present and to surrender to His obvious weaving us together, so I offered my home as a place of us coming together. Perhaps, my weariness was not so much from my list, but my absence of relationships with other women lost in my own schedule. I think we all would agree that communing with girlfriends does something good for the soul. How quickly our schedules and technology take us out of relationships that divinely connect us one with another.

The little list of women grew to a few more that were laid on our hearts, so I quickly ran to get some frozen lasagna and some French bread that would have to do in essence of time. (I share this detail, because I often put off opening my home for lack of time to cook. I found that no one cared what we ate, but that we ate together made all the difference.)

What joy it was to sit and break bread together with no one beckoning us from the table to fulfill mommy duties or becoming a piece of playground equipment as we often do when we try to simply sit. We laughed some and we cried some as we spilled our hearts on the table like milk overflowing without boundaries. We should all have friends that allow us to come unmasked. There is such great healing in being accepted just as we are regardless of the baggage we have carried.

 I love that God has knit me together with friends that love Jesus. I love that our coming together will end almost always with His Presence among us.  I love how He took a random list of women and wove us together like we had been sisters for life. That night we prayed together lifting each other’s arms as needed. We even put on worship music and sat in my back yard. We each took in the evening differently. Some sang. Some prayed. Some danced. I love a Spirit of freedom! It was a beautiful site, and what wonders it did to refresh our souls. Our calendars are often so full with no space for Him to show up or move or meet us. There are times He meets us alone in our inner room, but that night He met us as He brought us together. 

A night of great refreshing would etch in my heart the words…

The following weekend I met my family at the beach, and the words were still fresh…Be Present! Don’t just watch as they get in the ocean, get in with them. Throw the ball a little, dig in the sand a little, swim a little, and crawl up in the bed and snuggle a little too. I don’t have to remind you what good it does for our kids and grand-kids to have our presence, but you may have forgotten what it does to your own soul to simply savor those precious moments with them.

As you go about your daily routine, I encourage you to be present. Be present for your spouse, your children, your family or perhaps your girlfriends or even a stranger. Perhaps, there is someone that desperately needs your presence beyond an occasional text. Ask Him, and push aside the laundry and the to do list and choose to be present.

You have permission to simply be!

In His Wings,