Would you help Rochelle?

Hello Sweet Friends,

As you have seen, if you have visited my website recently, I have been undergoing some changes. My heart’s intent is to be attuned to what your (my readers) needs are and which of those needs I could bring the most value to.

Isn't it so much more enjoyable doing life together?

Because of my own struggles, my heart tends to lean toward women that share those struggles. I have been the woman lost in the church holding out her teacup looking for something to fill her, because she believed her "God" cup was already full. On the contrary, I know how it feels to be shut out from the body of Christ, believing you aren't usable because of life's circumstances. I know the struggle of wanting desperately to be closer to God, but having no idea where to begin. I remember a season where I wanted to be a good "Bible Study Girl", but when I read the Word it felt like I was decoding a foreign language. I have wrestled with the impression I leave upon my children while the world seeks to leave it's own impression. I have cried over raising a preteen-teen, and how to wrap my arms around that without losing my head. I have been soul weary trying tirelessly to please others, and I have been held captive to guilt and shame just the same.

I have also come to know a very real and loving God that has lavished His goodness upon my life. I feel free, even though I don't feel I have arrived. It feels good to be free!  What God has done for me I cannot contain, and I suppose that is what brings me here to meet with you. If I can be a piece of even one woman's story of moving closer to freedom, it is worth it. Jesus went after the one, as should we.

I do know that there are a wealth of speakers and writers, and so my heart is not to be an additive to an exhaustive list. Rather, I would like to find where something may be missing that I can speak life into. I would love your help! By completing a 15-question survey that enlightens me more about you, I can align my next steps to be more effective for the Kingdom.

I will be drawing a winner from the participants to receive a grace pearl necklace and my book He Gave Me Pearls.  I would be so grateful if you would take the time and share your heart with me by answering the questions. You can complete the survey by clicking here. If you have additional comments, please share those with Shanna at hegavemepearls@gmail.com. If you would like to partner with us to have me speak at your group or church, please contact Jana at jana@janaburson.com.


Thank you and many blessings,