21 Day Dare: Day 12- Dare to Find Your Own Mountain

You can’t find your God on the mountain of another man’s experience.
— Larry Randolph

I recently read that 8 out of 10 high school students that attend church will never go back once they graduate. This statistic unsettles me at the core, and my mind wonders...WHY?  What has come of this place that was once proudly proclaimed as "One nation under God?"

Larry Randolph's words above stirred me last night as I thought of these children going out against the world seeking to survive. How will they make it without Him? I think the root of this sad statistic is that we have passed down faith like our grandmother's casserole recipe or our grandfather's war medals. Faith for many of us is more of a tradition than a personal experience.  Our parents believe so we believe.

This leads me to the story of Moses when he encountered God on the mountain. His encounter led to his face shining with radiance. After this encounter, he looked different and this look unsettled the Israelites. They didn't want their own experience, but rather they sought a mediator. They would wander the mountain for 40 years until they finally entered the Promised Land only to find themselves back in captivity. Could part of it be that they wanted to live off of the faith of their Spiritual Father? Second hand experiences may move us to seek, but they will never stir the passion that empowers us to live it out fully.

The veil that Moses wore became the veil that separated the people from the presence of God in the temple. The veil remained until the day Jesus stretched wide on a cross ending separation and ushering us back into His presence. No longer would God concede to our desire to keep Him at a distance, because He wanted us fully and relationally.

Jesus took our place on one mountain so that we could have our own experience on another. It is interesting that the first time I truly felt a great awareness of the presence of God I was in the mountains of Colorado. I think there is something about His creation that draws us into the presence, but it was also about desire and stillness.  I wanted with all of my heart to experience Him, and I put myself in a place removing all distractions away so that I could hear Him.

Today, I want you to ponder your own mountain. If you have had a personal encounter with God, go there today. Go to the place and remember His majesty and His divine hand upon your life. Deuteronomy 6 tells us that to abide in the promise land we must never forget what He has done. I think in part it is because we know that He can do it again. It will be in a new and completely fresh way, but He will show up no less, and remembering stirs hope in us.

If you haven't had your own personal experience with God, can you admit that you have been living off of other people's experiences and begin desiring to experience God personally and intimately. I find that sometimes fear keeps us from experiencing Him, but I believe our greater fear should be that we miss the experience completely.

Can you find time this weekend to have a date with Him? Can you find a place that speaks to your Spirit like a park or lake or backyard or mountain? Can you desire nothing more than experiencing God? Can you push all other distractions aside and tune in to His whisper?

Today, we dare to meet Him on our own mountain.

In His Wings,

Rochelle FrazierComment