21 Day Dare: Day 6 - Dare to Get In The Presence

This weekend your challenge is to get in the Presence of the Lord.

What I have found is that I can't change me, even in my best effort. I have tried to no avail for most of my life to change the things that I constantly wrestle with. On occasion, I have found a temporary fix, but nothing was ever lasting. So you may ask, then how do I change?

The first three days I had you meditate on the words of Psalm 63. I am so moved by this verse, because I have experienced the truth of it in my life.  I don't just say the words, "Your love is better than life," but rather,  I know them to be true. I don't just say that worship fills me as if I have partaken in the richest of feasts, but I know this filling. Nothing compares to the filling of genuine worship. You may want to go back to Psalm 63 and read David's song again. From my experience, worship FILLS us but it also CHANGES us.

I remember a season when I was praying for a new bolder spirit. I had a longing to be BRAVE.

Make me BRAVE, Father.  Let Your "No" be my "No," and Your "Yes" my "Yes". When You say, "Go" empower me to go. I want to be fearless! What you put words on my heart, may I speak them.

I prayed for almost a year for this new courageous spirit. Then some friends and I decided to travel to Alabama to attended a worship night with Bethel Worship. We sang for hours songs like the one I gave you yesterday, "Holy Spirit." I was moved by His presence that night like never before. While I felt different even as I left,  I didn't understand fully until the following day the power of that one night.

Never underestimate the power of one night with the King.
— Tommy Tenney

I had been wrestling for months with a decision that God had clearly said "No," and all of a sudden His "No" was mine. The very next day, I released as He instructed. The weeks and months to come would confirm that my prayer had been answered. I was courageous in decisions. I was more fearless when I spoke. I felt confidence in who I was. A year of trying in my own strength failed to birth this brave spirit, but one night with the King and I was a new woman.

I encourage you this weekend to stop and worship. He says that He inhabits the praises of His people. As we worship and praise Him, we are inviting His presence to come. Sometimes I think He likes to be invited. Perhaps that is why He says when you turn rather than turn? If you remember the words of 2 Corinthians 3, but when we turn, the veil is removed and the spirit of The Lord comes, and where the Spirit is there is FREEDOM!!!!

So in essence, worship stirs up the Spirit in us to move and work and mold us into the person He has destined us to be.

Aren't we tired of trying in our own strength to change and coming up empty? Will you dare to push everything aside this weekend, and find the truth that praise is the highway to the throne room of God?

In His Wings,