21 Day Dare: Day Four- Dare to Be Brave

If you have ever heard me speak then you may have heard me say that I believe physical action often precedes spiritual breakthrough. So our dare today is to get uncomfortable. What is He calling you to do that would take you out of your comfort zone but may show your desire for MORE? I know how I longed for the freedom to lift my hands in worship, but I was paralyzed for years by fear of what others would think of me.

There is freedom in coming to a place where you care more about what He desires than what others think. We need to step into that freedom and sometimes one step will take you a thousand steps forward in your faith.

Today, I want you to do something that shows your desire to go deeper, but something that would call you to be BRAVE.

We don’t compare our walk with others, so don’t feel one is a greater move than another. This is about you stepping closer to Jesus and how that looks for you will be different than other women. It is personal. Will you let God use you today?

Will you get uncomfortable for the sake of stepping closer?

Will you dance before the Lord today?

Will you share a word for a friend or even a stranger that He lays upon your heart?

Will you lift your hands to worship Him?

Will you share your story with someone or many?

Will you forgive the person who hurt you most?

Will you pray with your husband, if you have never before? Or over a meal in public?

Will you tell your children about what Jesus is doing in your life?

Will you share your faith with someone that doesn’t know Jesus?

Will your family decide to spend the evening blessing another family? Perhaps one that would be least expected?

He is not a God of embarrassment, so this is not the intent. The intent is that you feel the freedom that comes from stepping out for Him despite what others may think.

My husband, Todd, speaks this line often when he preaches,

You can’t seek His face and save yours!

Do you really want freedom friends? Do you truly want to find this longing in your heart?

I remember the first time I spoke to someone the words the Lord impressed upon my heart. I remember exactly how I felt when I realized that the very words I spoke where salve to a very deep wound. I realized in stepping out that He could use even me, and I have been listening ever since that day. If I could be the voice He uses to confirm to someone that they hear His voice, or that He hears or cares, then Lord please let me be that voice.

I have always heard and struggled with the thought of many being called, but few chosen. Why are few chosen if you are such a good God? I heard recently a pastor speak that this passage is speaking to the fact that we are ALL called, but FEW  lift their hands and say, "Send Me." Therefore, few are chosen. Wow! I suppose today is a day of lifting one's hand to say,

"Here I am Lord, Send Me!"

I think it is more fun doing this together, so share your story of bravery with us. Post pictures if you like. Remember too that this can be fun. I had more fun dancing with the women of Joplin, MO, on Saturday to the new “Happy” song, and for many of those women on the stage with me that was BRAVE! 

He makes us BRAVE!

I want you to know that I love your messages, and I am seeking with you just the same! Last night, I cancelled my dinner plans and got on my couch and soaked in videos from "You Make Me Brave" most of the night! Worship takes me into the throne room, but I learned this from days of stepping out and being BRAVE!

Your word to cling to for today is this...

For God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of LOVE, POWER and SOUND MIND.
2 Timothy 1:7

If you are doing this with your spouse, as I have learned some of you are, be BRAVE together. Perhaps, bravery is found in taking off your mask and sharing your fears then speaking love over one anther to cover those fears. LOVE NEVER FAILS. (1 Corinthians 13:8) May your marriages be blessed for committing to both God and each other to seek!!!

I am lifting you up as I seek with you!!!

In His Wings,