21 Day Dare: Day Three - Hand Over All Idols

Day Three: Dare to Hand Over Idols

The first time I heard Jimmy Needham’s song “Clear the Stage” I was moved to tears realizing the things and people I had allowed to take center stage in my life.

While we don’t worship golden calves today, we do have idols just the same. Many seem to so easily slip into our lives unnoticed and we even justify them.

We are women, so we think we can justify the obsessive need to find the man.

If we find him, we trade the obsession for “him” to becoming a mother.

For some, it is a home. For some, it is a career. For some, it is a status. For some, it is financial freedom.

The lyrics from “Clear the Stage” pose a few questions for us to ponder…

Anything you want more than God is an idol.

Anything you want with all of your heart is an idol.

Anything you can’t stop thinking about is an idol.

I believe it is natural to want a husband, a child, or a great career.  I believe it is natural too for a woman to enjoy her shoes and her handbag or to have achieved titles, but when they become the greatest desire of our hearts we have placed them in a position reserved for God alone.

What I love is that when we finally clear the stage and allow Him to take the spotlight, it impacts everything else in our lives positively. We love our husbands unconditionally. We love our children deeper. We find new joy and purpose in the work of our hands.  We use the titles not for self-esteem, but a platform to show His glory.

We have claimed the words from Psalm,

Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
— Psalm 37:4

Could it be that He is not speaking of our want list, but how when we truly find delight in Him, we realize that this is the greatest desire of our hearts? I think so.


We have been reading Psalm 63, and today I want us to focus on the first few verses:

O God of my life,

I’m lovesick for You in this weary wilderness!

I thirst with the deepest longings to love You more.

With cravings in my heart that cannot be described.

Such yearning grips my soul for You, O God,


Write these words down and carry them with you today. Speak them all day long. Ask your Father, who gives generously and abundantly to make Him your greatest desire.

Sweet friends, may we come before Him today asking him to reveal all idols that we have allowed in our lives. May we be so brave to hand them over. As we continue this journey, can our prayers simply be thanksgiving and praise rather than begging and pleading. His word says,

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added.
— Matthew 6:33

Could we release  our desires and stand on His word than when we seek Him first, ALL things will be added?

He is love. He is good. He is for us. We can trust handing over our greatest desires in exchange for His, and perhaps we find that His dreams for us were far greater than we could conceive.

In His Wings,