21 Day Dare: Day Two- Dare to Believe He is LOVE


Day Two: Dare to BELIEVE He is LOVE

God is love. I feel like I should keep speaking these words over you…

God is love. God is love. God is love.

So many years I failed to believe this. Words can be empty when you speak them so often they lose their meaning. I use the same three words to share affection with my husband and my children that I use to describe a Nicholas Sparks book, a beach view from our hotel, and the chocolate thunder from down under at Outback. I love you.

The first song I remember singing in church as a young girl was “Jesus loves me.”

Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.
My heart’s desire at eight was to be the next Olivia Newton John, so I sang everything with passion and leg warmers and headbands, but singing was not my gifting. However, my passion would have convinced most anyone that I loved the Lord deeply.

The truth is at eight do we even know what love is? Can many of us honestly say that our lives or even our churches modeled Jesus’s example of love?  Were we praying for the lost or going out to find them and bringing them back with us? Were we praying for the hungry or were we feeding them? Were we walking with the hurting and broken or were we throwing stones of judgment believing the right thing to do was separate ourselves from sinners? Yet, Jesus was a friend of sinners. I am not casting blame here, but I do believe that much of the church has been asleep for years. Too many Christians have gotten by with showing up on Sundays and living however they desired the other six days of the week. I did my part and I believe. Done! They have passed down what they were taught, so we understand the root of such belief.

However, we choose differently. We chose to TURN and become UNVEILED. As the words from Corinthians spoke yesterday, since we have turned and chosen to seek we begin to be transformed into His likeness.

There is a place we come to on our spiritual journey where no one has to remind us what Jesus did, because we organically begin doing what Jesus did.

We love those we never knew we could. We have compassion on the hurting. We see not the dirt in the faces of others, but their treasure as Jesus did.  For now, our goal is not to begin acting like Jesus, but to find Him!

When we serve out of obligation, it will not have the impact of serving out of love. Paul tells us that if we give all we have to the poor, but don’t have love then we have gained nothing. (1 Corinthians 12:3) To be effective as the body of Christ, in a world that desperately needs us we must first find the source of LOVE.

Today, I encourage you to continue speaking Psalm 63. Allow the words of David to take root in your heart. His love for God is the longing of your heart. Seek it!

I also want you to spend time allowing these three words to invade your soul and marrow…


If God is love then what?

Do you need to change the negative self-image you have allowed to devour all the life in you, because you have been convinced He is angry and disappointed?

Do you need to come home to Him, because you have convinced yourself that He caused your pain? The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy not our God! He brings life!

Do you need to stop doubting and start trusting in His goodness?

Do you need to simply enjoy Him more?

One of my dear friends Cyndi says that Revelation without transformation is simply information. Our desire is not more information, but transformation.

How will believing God is love change you?

In His Wings,